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I had an appointment this morning with an employment agency and I think it went well.  When I got home I had to deal with email problems.  For the second time someone has tried to hack into my email and I’ve had to call to have them reset my password.  I just took care of this last Friday, and then was locked out all weekend.  After spending an hour on the phone with ATT I got back into email and found a message, poorly written in all lower case from a prospective employer.

I almost deleted it, thinking it was spam, but I kept reading and it turns out it was legit.  I’d answered an ad for a personal assistant position.  And this was my interview.  It basically said so in the email.   The Boss explained a little more about what he needed.  But at the end he asked that if I was interested I would answer a few basic questions and email it back to him immediately.  Which I did.  As I said it was rambling and poorly punctuated and what I didn’t notice was what he was willing to pay.  I just went back and re read the letter.  Mind this would be part time and work from home type of job.  He’s offering $300 (US) per week.  Apparently the Boss needs someone immediately while he is in France.  By immediately, he means tomorrow.  I expect to hear from him tomorrow.

So he’s offering me roughly $15,000 a year.  To be a personal assistant, available seven days a week, running personal errands, paying his bills while he is out of town, making appointments and travel arrangements.  It’s a great part time deal, I have to agree, but I don’t know that I can accept $300, can I come back with a counter offer?  This whole thing is so unorthodox I’m not sure I should just accept the offer flat out.

I’m sort of excited about accepting this job.  Any job.  But I don’t want to sell myself short either.

9 thoughts on “Job Offer

  1. Congratulations, Linda!

    You MUST make a counter offer, without question. Please
    Google “How to make a counter offer” and study a few of the better articles.

    For some reason warning buzzers are going off in my head with regard to the security of the position, when and how you will be paid, under what circumstances your employment could be terminated, and a dozen other troubling “unknowns.”
    I hope and pray the job is legitimate. Do your due diligence, make a counter offer, and trust whatever g/Gods may be for the rest. We are ALL pulling for you!!

    Hugs, Randa

    1. Thanks Randa. I do have to wonder at the unorthodox nature of the job offer, and I’m not sure he didn’t send this “offer” to more than just me. I did think about insisting on some details, and discussing the salary. I’ve tried to google the guy and nothing came up, so that concerns me a little.

      As always, thanks for dropping by and having my back. 🙂

  2. It seems he is wanting you but what kind of details is he really offering you…Do you know enough to know what exactly he wants from you? Has he told you for how long etc …I know you must be really wondering…To me the job has a lot of questions…but you could always take it and if it doesn’t seem right you could keep looking elsewhere……In any case it seems he needs someone for letters etc. since the email was poor.

    I would offer to him that you were hoping for more in the way of salary because of the various things you are expected to do and not regular hours etc….

    I think in the end you need to ‘talk’ in person or by phone to ‘read’ him better…Emails are hard to know what someone is like..

    Go with your gut ‘girl’….(I was a lot of help wasn’t I ?)….Diane

    1. Thanks for the support. That’s why I posted here, I knew I’d get some good input. You brought up some good points to consider, and I will. At a minimum I will request a Skype interview to get more details.

      I really appreciate the great advice. Thanks again,

    1. Double! I don’t think that will fly, but I did decide to try to get him on Skype to speak with him “live” and see if we are compatible. He did mention that a great sense of humor was mandatory, so that’s hopeful. 🙂

      Thanks for the advice!

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