The World Didn’t End

At least, not for all of us.

I just received a copy of a letter I asked my neurologist to write for me to go back to work.  Instead, she insists in her letter that I am not able to work at my prior job and should continue to try for long term disability.   Not what I expected to see, and after failing tests on Word and Excel last week I am beside myself with what I am going to do to make a living.  The employment agency is not returning my calls or responding to my emails.  I haven’t blogged in a few days because I have been so depressed about my job prospects. Now I won’t be able to collect unemployment benefits.  How am I supposed to make my mortgage next month??

Then Mom called.  R has been in hospital since yesterday.  Today they moved him to ICU.  His doc gave him the prognosis that he may not make it through tonight.  Mom is heartbroken and doesn’t know what she will do without him. We discussed the possibility of Mom and R to move  in with us, but she won’t even discuss it right now.  I don’t think she will last through the year if she stays by herself.

When I called H to tell him the latest he told me that he had just gotten off the phone with our friend Bill who has been fighting a long battle with Hep C.  Earlier in the year he was put on the liver transplant list, and we were ecstatic.  At last, he had a chance.  Then during a check up this summer they found a spot on his liver.  They kicked him off the recipient list.  The docs were divided on whether this was a cancerous tumor or not and he’s been visiting specialists all over the west coast.  He finally finished with all the experts and they gave him his prognosis today; 2-4 months left.

The world didn’t end for everyone, just some of us.

6 thoughts on “The World Didn’t End

  1. so sorry things are looking so dismal now. the holiday season is seldom the happy place we would like it to be. i will be thinking of you and your family and sending wishes for the joy to return soon.

  2. I was wondering why you hadn’t posted…had some suspicions but not all that you have been dealing with. I am so sorry ….you seem to have so much sadness right now with R. and your husband’s friend…. and the financial worries as well.

    Do you think that with what your neurologist is saying…. and the fact you HAVE been searching for work to no avail…even to the point of an agency, that you should make a special re-application for benefits…or is that not an option in the States…If it were here in Canada I would be eliciting the help of my representative for my ‘riding’ or area of the province I live in and I’d sure have him working ..I don’t mean to make it sound simple because I know you’ve been trying everything and I don’t know how it works where you live .

    Do you not get Unemployment Insce. even if you are diligently searching for a job? I will hope that things somehow ? improve for you….my thoughts are with you Linda…Diane

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, things are very tough, though I’m feeling a little better today. I won’t be able to collect unemployment because of my doctor’s letter. It will however be useful in pursuing my disability case with the Feds, which is actually still pending. After the holidays I will get an appointment with a lawyer to try and get somewhere. How I will make ends meet in the meantime, I have no idea.

      Hope you are all settled into your new home by now and have it all decorated for Christmas? I put up the Christmas decorations this year, so there’s nothing hanging from the eaves, but on the stairs and in the garden. It looks pretty festive.

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