What Happened

Took my son to the ER over the weekend.  He had a terrible migraine, with blinding pain, panic attack, and vomiting.  After 4 hours in the ER and a 40 sec interview by the “Dr.” (she never identified herself), he got an inadequate amount of morphiene.  The only reason I took him to the ER is this was one of the worst headaches he’d ever had, and it last more than 24 hours.  They gave him a shot of morphine and ignored him.  No one asked him any other question than was he allergic to anything.  And everyone asked him!

It’s because he’s not insured.  Sure, they will see you in the ER, but they won’t run a single test.  They’ll use students to find your vein for the cursed IV.  It took the guy 4 tries and he never did find a vein.  The nurse finally did it.  That’s the kind of health care the uninsured get.  Treat the main complaint and get them the hell out.  What kind of health care is this?  My son could have had an aneurism and died, but did they care?  No.  They didn’t examine him, or ask him any health questions.   I guess if you were in a car accident it might be different, but it makes me wonder.   It used to be that once you were admitted to the ER, no one knew if you could pay the bill or not.  Now they treat you like a leper.  Stabilize them and get them back on the street.  I guess I’m lucky they at least used sterile needles.

I understand that a hospital has to be careful of their costs.  Instead of looking at decreasing staff, or cutting into profit (which a hospital should NOT be concerned with), giving perks to donors.  No they cut it at the source, they provide care, but the bare minimum and not really worth a god damn dime.  I’m so angry about this treatment I plan to write to President Obama about it.  Who knows, maybe he’d actually see it.  Maybe better I do a video and put it on YouTube.

Still waiting to hear back from my bank about my mortgage.  I’m thinking of trying to get my doctor to release me and go back and tried to get unemployment insurance while I look for a job.  I sent out 15 resumes in the last two weeks, and never hear anything, but “you’ll hear from us again if you qualify” which, of course, since I have no experience waitressing/bussing tables/taking tickets/cashiering/etc., I never hear from them again.  I even applied for a baker’s helper, and didn’t get it.  Come on, how hard can it be to help a baker?  You can’t train me to hold a bowl, or measure out some flour?  No, there’s plenty of people who don’t need to be trained, why should they take a chance on a novice?  I despair of ever being actively employed again.  I’ve been facing this reality for over a year, and it seems my Karma has not improved.

Today I want to give up.  Son still has a migraine, I have no income, a friend just got evicted, and I don’t have a dime to offer her, and I just give up.

7 thoughts on “What Happened

  1. Hi…so sorry about your son…Isn’t Obama trying to change the health care and the Republicans are fighting it …because the ‘rich’ would they think then have to pay more to offset the cost of equal hospital care? Canada’s got equal and it seems to work…

    I am supposing the ‘work at home’ didn’t pan out.

    It’s no wonder you’re upset…either unemployment insce. or disability has to kick in …What good are words from the President or any politician about helping every American if they get the runaround you’ve been getting??

    I’m not sure why you want your doctor to release you..?? What effect does that have.

    In any case vent all you want…I’m just sorry I can’t do anything…except if it helps to be a friend…Diane

    1. I appreciate your comment. I asked my dr for a letter to release me back to work, however she ended up writing a letter indicating I should continue to try DI. What that does is make me ineligible to receive unemployment payments. If nothing changes soon, I will ask my dr to reconsider. I can’t just ask her to do it right away, it might make her look bad and I don’t want that.

      Good news, however, I do have a job interview on Monday!

      1. What a conundrum…Doctor says you should be on Di and Di says you should work….My ‘little’ brain just can’t make sense of it… Hope your interview goes well…Diane

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