Another Job Offer

How excited I was to see in my email box a notice for an interview!  Don’t worry, I approach these invitations with caution.  The only jobs I’m apparently worth interviewing are for sales jobs.  I’m not a salesman and nothing in my resume would lead you to believe I was.

Here’s the latest offer:

Hello Linda,

I found your resume through and thought you’d be a great fit for a role as a Family Service Counselor with our Company, Service Corporation International, this is for  Valley Oaks Memorial Park in (my town). This is an invitation to join me at a group interview on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 10am or Wednesday, February 13, at 2pm. The interview session may take up to 2 hours. There is limited seating, so please respond to this email to confirm the interview. The interview Location is: Eternal Valley Memorial Park Mortuary…

We Offer: Base and Commission: Fulltime needed.

· Stability – SCI*—– is the nation’s LARGEST provider of funeral, cremation and cemetery services
·Full benefits (Including Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance PLUS a 401K with a GENEROUS company match)
·Management and Advancement Opportunities
·Unlimited Income Potential via a commissioned incentive package.
When arriving, please head straight up the hill and feel free to contact me direct if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you.

Coffins you'll love to die for, collection made for your death

Alas, of all the things I cannot do, it’s sales.  I personally do not like the advertising business.  I find it extremely unpleasant to even consider selling anything.  The most disgusting sales position I can think of is that of a coffin salesman.  I know, I know, it is an important task, and one many people need, and one has to be extremely sensitive.  But I just don’t buy into the whole funeral thing.  I don’t need a coffin, why do I need to be safe and sound until the end of time in a satin lined box.   I’d never be able to convince some poor old widow  I might as well be plant food, the way nature intended.

11 thoughts on “Another Job Offer

  1. Oh…Is that what the job entails?..It says ‘family service counselor’ I thought it was more that you help someone who wants to make arrangements? I know that many like yourself don’t believe in ‘traditional burials’ but there are those that do…(I will admit I am one of those)….But certainly if it’s just sales and you can’t see yourself doing it I can understand….and it is another disappointment for you

    It does bring to mind though another avenue …about some kind of counseling ..I don’t mean one that you have to have a College degree necessarily…Maybe I’m thinking outside the box now….but like in a women’s shelter, or city social agency or something like that…Just a thought….flew through my brain….take care ….Diane

    1. I don’t mean to knock those who believe in funerals and burials and certainly don’t mean to diminish what funeral employees do for those people. The way I read the ad it was to sell plots and caskets, not something like a grief counselor, for why would you make “base and commission” unless you were selling something?

      I don’t think I’ve got what it takes to counsel people, but thanks for the suggestion.


  2. Writerwannabe763 said exactly what I wanted to say! 🙂 Many times people have to make decisions for their loved ones after they are gone and need someone sensitive and compassionate to guide them. Sorry, but it sounds good, you can do it in an ethical way. Boy, I am no help on this one…

    1. I suppose I really shouldn’t dismiss it out of hand, but just the whole “industry” around death bothers me. I guess I don’t feel I should profit from someone else’s misery. And that’s how I would feel. (I also won’t work for any company that supports or supplies the military. As a pacifist I can’t be part of it.)

      1. Yeah, I know what you mean. With work, you have to go with what your gut tells you. You need to be doing something you feel comfortable with. Good luck in your search! Something will be a good fit for you.

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