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The news media here in SoCal are going overboard with the manhunt for an ex-cop, ex-military man who’s gone berserk and shot several people, including two cops.  While it is an awful story, I think the media is overplaying it.  The cops found his abandoned, burnt out truck and seem to be certain he is still in the immediate area.  Those poor cops are out hiking in the mountains in a snowstorm, searching door to door.  At least that’s what the media would lead us to believe. 

For two days this is the only story playing, every hour on one channel or another.  Why is this a bigger story than another?  Ah the mysterious media makes that call and we’re drug along in its wake.  I would think there are plenty of other news stories the media might inform us of, but I would be mistaken.  Is it just here?  I’m pretty sure not.  CNN ruined the news for us by bringing us 24 hour coverage of any of a number tragedies.  Now we have to sit through endless hours of no information.  48 hours later and the media doesn’t know one iota more than they did in the first hour.  Leaving us with hours of of badly adlibbing news anchors.  I hear there’s a big snow storm hitting the East Coast.



11 thoughts on “The News

  1. Linda,

    I agree with you and am no fan of the news media. I suppose they provide a service…in much the same way that vultures provide a service in removing dead animals and birds from our roads and highways.

    To me, though, vultures seem to be in a more respectable line of work.


    Randa Lane

  2. Talking about media and snowstorms …We’re getting hit with it where we are and you’d think that’s all the news that there is…snow, snow, accidents because of snow etc etc…and then there’s the weather!!….Diane

    1. It’s like that here, only with rain; it’s always “Stormwatch 2010!” and you’d think all of California was drowning. Pathetic. Another reason not to watch the news. Frankly I get more information off of Facebook connections than anywhere else.

  3. The man hunt is on the news here in the UK too. I have not seen it myself as I have not been near a tv at the time when The News has been on but Owl has seen it and is obviously concerned as his two kids live in California.

    I also heard on the radio this morning that North USA is due to get 3′ snow dumped on them which makes our recent 3″ seem rather pathetic.

    1. From what I understand this guy, Dorner, has it out for very specific people, not necessarily random passersby. Hope that helps ease your friend’s concerns. The way the news plays it up, I imagine by the time its reported in the UK, it must make it look like the entire state was on lockdown. lol

      Three feet of snow is quite a lot, but that’s why I live in So Cal, and not in the mountains. lol Still just 3″ will screw up traffic all day.

  4. Is this San Diego? Another friend blogger mentioned this. I try and only get my news online so I can pick what to pay attention to, I tune in to things that do attract my interest more but sometimes they do go overboard, and it’s in these scenarios that the few maniacs can see how they can gain instant notoriety.

  5. The media can warp things anyway they want. It’s quite frustrating because they can take a tiny group of a particular population group and blow them out of proportion and make it look like the whole group is bonkers…or they can make a scandal more scandalous than necessary…try to scare everyone…make certain politicians look a particular way. I don’t like it, either. They choose what we see and how much we see and it always makes me wonder what else is happening. Oh well…such is life, I guess.

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