Getting Things Done

Just spent two and a half hours sitting at Social Security Office, for a five minute process.  It wasn’t bad, once I found a place to sit in the tiny office.  They were surprisingly efficient, or so it seemed to me.  In the end, my Appeal and Request for Hearing has been submitted.  Now I sit and wait for a year to hear if they will grant my request.  Then, if they agree, it will be many more months before the case is heard.  In the meantime, my credit score is going to plummet, I’m already losing my house (probably) (and have no idea how to manage a move).

My next order of business is to tackle the issue of transferring Mom’s car to Son’s ex.  Biggest problem: it’s in R’s name only.  He can’t very well sign over a title, and Mom has no legal right to sell it.  I have to find out what documents the DMV will need in order to get the title transferred.  I assume they will need at minimum a death certificate, but there is no proof Mom is his next of kin.  I desperately want to turn the car over to J.  Her car is on it’s last legs and she has no money for repairs.  I hate that it’s just been sitting there unused for two months!  And it’s all up to me to get all this done! 

As soon as I finish with the DMV, I’ve got to look at the papers the bank sent me about the house.  I must get that finished and mailed by tomorrow, and I need to call as well, to let them know I’m getting to it.

Then I need to look into insurance for Son.  Last trip to the hospital they sent him some papers on applying for some sort of government aid for medical needs.  I know that I am passed the time limit they set, I’m still going to try and get that done.

I still have the papers for Son’s tax relief that I got in December.  Why does life require so much paperwork?  But I will endeavor to conquer each pile, though it takes me all year.

9 thoughts on “Getting Things Done

    1. I at least don’t have to actively worry about paperwork for my disability for a year…so that’s something. Right now I’m just trying to take things one at a time. Tomorrow I will mail off the papers about trying to save our house, so that’s another item crossed off my to do list.

      Things will get better, at least for a while. lol.

      Thanks for your sympathy. It’s much appreciated.

    1. Yeah, I hate paperwork too. I feel it should be easy to take care of it all, since I used to push paper for a living, but it just isn’t that easy when your emotions get involved. Thanks for your support! It means a lot.

  1. Hi…reading a bit… I’m not sure how close U.S. is to us but under our inheritance succession laws the wife is automatically considered to be the first in line to inherit if no will is present to say otherwise. Can you check online your states succession laws?

    Usually the funeral home or whoever handled the burial issues will give directly a copy of the death certificate to the next of kin if requested or they will mail it.

    If she doesn’t have marriage certificate is there any document or bill that has Mr. and Mrs. R……. on it?

    Just some thoughts…..Diane

    1. Thanks for the thought. Yes, the widow is first in line of inheritance, but we have to prove R died and was married to mom at the time. Absolutely everything was in R’s name only. It’s not an insurmountable problem just a damn nuisance. I have requested death certificates, since we did not deal with a mortuary as the body was donated, we just still haven’t received them.

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