One Problem Solved

Got hold of the DMV today and it sounds like its a piece of cake to transfer the title.  Apparently, they take your word for it.  Who knew?  Last time I had to do this stuff, I had to get all sorts of docs together, including death certificates, marriage licenses, and birth certificates.  I’ll make an appointment this week.  Maybe son will get his drivers license straightened out at the same time. 

The new problem is the date of death on the death certificate.  They show the date as Dec 21, not Dec 31.  I had to call the Hospital where R died, the University they donated the body to, Dept of Health and the mortuary.  It’s going to take at least three months before we get new ones.  At least the DMV doesn’t need one.

Today got some more papers from the bank…the same ones I already completed and mailed to them, then called to tell them I mailed the forms.  Do I call again and ask why they sent me the forms again?  They didn’t understand why I called the first time.  I’m putting my future in these peoples’ hands and they don’t seem to know which end is up.  Got my fingers crossed, but I’m ready to start looking at local rentals.  (sigh)

At least Mom’s gone to stay with friends for a few days and we got a few things accomplished, and some other things planned.  I’m trying to find little things she can do in the kitchen, maybe I should have her rinse the dishes, or peel potatoes.  Just like a child though, I worry she might cut herself.  Still I’m trying to relax my dislike of others being in the kitchen with me.

All in all a productive day.  My mood has been good today too.  Not so much yesterday.  It seems I very easily fall apart at the least perceived slight.  I have mini breakdowns of amazing depth and copious tears.  Happened to me 4 out of the last 5 days.  Guess I should bring that up to my psychiatrist my next appointment.  Sometime in early March.  Hope he sends a reminder as usual.

9 thoughts on “One Problem Solved

  1. Yay! Things are slowly starting to turn around. No, the bank people don’t seem to know what they are doing. It’s the same everywhere, no one seems to know what they are doing, even when they are the ones in charge. Scary, huh?

  2. I’m glad at least some issues are being resolved…It’s no wonder there are tears…as you’ve been under so much stress and a lot of responsibilities are on your shoulders….take care…thinking of you…Diane

  3. sometimes all we can do is put one foot in front of the othe and it sounds like you are doing that today. sorry to hear about the bad days and i hope you do mention it to your psychiatrist. i am amazed with everything that you have to deal with that you manage at all. take care of yourself please and good luck with your mom.

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