Life is Hard

I know everyone experiences rough spots.  Some rougher than others, and some that never seem to end.  Is it Karma?  Was I truly an awful person in my previous life? Not that I believe in reincarnation, but I do believe in Karma, that the things we do, in this lifetime, effect us in the future.  Things you’ve done to others will be done to you.  The old “what goes around comes around” ethic.

So, how do you improve your Karma?  There are Buddhist ways of meditating to improve one’s Karma.  I’m not very skilled at meditation, but I’m trying.  Each night I meditate on sending peace, love and kindness out into the atmosphere, occasionally thinking about someone in particular who may need thoughts of peace.  In a lot of ways you would say these were prayers.  Not asking for anything for myself, but rather trying to think only of others.  That’s how you’re supposed to improve your Karma, one way anyway.  The question is, how long must you meditate before you see any changes?  I would guess it’s the same as with any belief, you have to hope.  Mostly because without hope, what have you got?

I know rich people who have had awful things happen to them; painful divorce, sudden death, bad business deals.  I know it affects them as it would anyone; anger, denial, etc.  The big difference I see from my place low on the economic totem pole, with money they are able to overcome much easier than those without means.  Simply; rich people can afford lawyers and CPAs, personal assistants, and the best medical care.  So does that mean rich people suffer less?  I think it does, in general.  Because money affords you the means of coming to grips with a given situation.

Without money divorcees (male and female) have no way to assure child support and alimony payments being regular, that agreed to rules are adhered to.  Without money the healthy uninsured worker becomes sick, cannot afford proper medical care.  Even ERs no longer provide much assistance to those without the means to pay for service.  The doctor doesn’t diagnose you, no tests are done.  You’re bandaged up and sent home with a $5000 bill for “services rendered.”

Son and I are getting heavily into our mid-life crises.  We both have times where we hate our life, are feeling trapped by the previous choices that were made, and fear of what to change and how, or if.  Life is hard, but sometimes it feels harder because you have BPD or depression, or MS, or Lupus, or any serious ailment–one that will ensure you will have greater than the average number of dr visits, prescriptions and tests. 

In the US there are hundreds of thousands of people with undiagnosed disorders and even more untreated disorders.  But since most of these people are poor, for the most part no one really cares.  Bad Karma.  The world is full of bad Karma and not enough people sending positive vibes into the Universe to combat it.

14 thoughts on “Life is Hard

  1. so you’re the one that sent me peace last night. i was wondering. thank you! (nice story: there was a buddhist dude that was teaching homeless folks meditation in my town. he’s since been hired by one of the shelters. there is hope. your own practice is hope.) peace.

  2. I think that I do agree that while wealth doesn’t buy happiness it certainly does make life a little easier to sort thing out and medical for sure….I guess with all you’ve been trying to sort out you’ve come to that realization…

    I’m so sorry and even though we will never meet, I feel so much for what you’re going through…I really hope that things come together soon for you and some of the issues you face daily….Take care…Diane

    1. Diane,
      Thanks so much for your kind words and thoughts. Most days I know everything will be all right. It’s those other days, when it all just overwhelms you. Friends like you help me make it to the good days.


  3. I sent out positive energy every day. Sometimes it specific for the people I know who need it, and sometimes it’s just general good energy. The world needs more of that.

  4. most of my career has been dedicated to those who can’t afford treatment. in my last position i worked as the supervising forensic psychologist for the state. it broke my heart how many people needed to stay longer and we couldn’t get it approved.

    i have to say though i don’t believe that money makes life peaceful or even bring joy. just think about the wealthy people like lindsey lohan or britney spears, money has not brought them happiness. sure they can get into treatment but there is a reason why they keep getting in trouble.

    you have such a loving spirit and i will be sending you peaceful vibes when i meditate tonight!

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