How many blogs are you following?  Probably too many, as I am.  And I must complain here about a couple of blogs I follow where they seem to have two blogs and I get duplicates.  It annoys me.  Then there are the blogs that look really interesting, and they follow me, but they aren’t in English and unfortunately, being American, I don’t speak or read anything but English.  

I also follow a few blogs, quite a few actually, that really don’t interest me for various reasons.  Sometimes, while I might read these, I have no comment and no interest in responding.  I can’t relate to some blogs; people looking for different things than I am.  I follow them out of a sense of community, fair play, and support, not of interest.  Is that wrong?

Then there are some blogs written by people with wildly different lives than I, but their writing is compelling.  Their story is fascinating, and I have become more tolerable of grammar, syntax and spelling.  An old pet peeve of mine, having been a bit of an “expert” up until a few years ago.  I am much more tolerant now. I know some writers are writing for the first time in English, and others have not had the same education as me.  And plenty of people just haven’t practiced their grammar since school.

I appreciate my followers greatly.  Without followers why blog, right?  I wonder though, am I boring some of you?  Do all you wonderful followers read my blog daily, weekly, monthly, occasionally?  Why do you follow?  Out of some sense of obligation since they follow you?  Or do you only follow those blogs that truly interest you and disregard the rest?

27 thoughts on ““Following”

  1. I follow quite a number of blogs. There are some that I read every time, many who have become special friends.

    There are some that I begin to read but if it is on a topic that I really don’t identify with, I don’t continue to read. I do not ‘like’ (or comment) if I have not read their blog. I don’t feel that’s right to do.

    There are some that post 2 or 3 a day and I find that hard to keep up with but I will look at what they’re posting about…If it is a reblog of someone else’s quite often I will not read it UNLESS there is a reference to it and it is something I would be interested in. I realize it is being kind to reblog but I did not sign up to follow the other blogger….

    I seldom look to follow others because I can’t really handle any more right now…

    I think the ones that know I follow them closely know who and why… Diane

  2. p.s. I should have added that if I find that I signed up for someone and really cannot honestly identify with …on most posts…. I ‘unfollow’ them …Not often but I do that occasionally… okay…I think I’ve said enough…Diane

    1. I’m just curious how others deal with trying to follow more than 100 blogs. It can be overwhelming and sometimes I’m not sure if I want to “unfollow” someone who supports my blog. I want to support them as well. But I guess if their blogs don’t speak to me, why do I have them in my Reader?

      1. I follow 91 and the ones I unfollowed…didn’t really follow me either..If you were to believe the number of followers I supposedly have it wouldn’t come near who actually do follow…Some do for awhile…some fall away…some stay… It means something to me when I say I follow…but if the relationship dwindles then it becomes not meaningful… I will still follow someone who doesn’t follow me… if I believe in them and their blog or for support. It is a difficult situation in some cases to decide…Diane

  3. Google Translator is a wonderful tool as well as the page translator add on for Firefox. I have been fortunate enough to meet some pretty cool people like this. I enjoy your blog specifically because you are authentic, open and real. Take care today and be well. 🙂

    1. Thanks for that suggestion. Do I have to cut and paste the blog to a translation site or will it work from here? I will have to check it out.

      Thanks for the follow and the comment. I love your blog for the same reason–even if I don’t do the exercises (I do my own), I love your take on life.

      1. You can cut and paste into Google Translator, its painless and easy to do. I have found some awesome yoga – meditation bloggers doing this. 🙂 Between you and me … The exercises mean little if you are not fully present and taking care of your mind and spirit first. Take care once again!

  4. Linda,

    I never miss one of your posts…never! Even on one of your worst days, there is always a hint of your marvelous unquenchable spirit, a spirit that is all too rare in the world today. Quite simply, you are an inspiration to me, shining a beam of light into my life and reminding me that there IS hope for tomorrow.

    With Gratitude and Hugs!


    P.S. Thank you soooo much for the kind mention of my blog and suggestion that it merits an award. I’m not big on that sort of thing…probably because I’ve never received one. (Unless you count my being runner-up in a recent Alfred E. Neuman lookalike contest!)

    1. Randa, I love you. I can feel your hugs and caring come through all the time. You are a warm and thoughtful human being and I am happy to know you. I always look forward to reading your blogs. ( I hope I haven’t missed any, but I play catch up about once a month.)

      (Sorry about the lookalike contest.)

  5. i will admit at times i have followed some that was from a pure receprical motive. as my energy has declined i find i am more honest with myself and perhaps a bit selfishly have dropped out of the ones that really don’t interest me.

    i follow yours because i have come to care about how you are doing and enjoy your writing. we have some things in common and that led to a sense of knowing you, although limited obviously.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I guess I’m trying to figure out how many blogs I can really keep up with and trying to decide how to whittle it down.

      I’m glad you follow my blog, and enjoy yours for much of the same reasons. I guess that should define what blogs I follow instead of just reciprocating a follow.

  6. I’ve gotten those from non-english bloggers. Maybe it’s their way to get followers without having to read what we say 🙂
    I’ve added a lot of blogs because my regulars just weren’t writing enough!

  7. I know what you mean – I am following too many and some days just don’t have time to read so hit delete, but I think everyone does that. I love your because of your honesty and because I feel we are friends.

    1. It would seem everyone has the same decisions to make. I’m thankful for all my followers, but I hope some understand if I don’t follow them in return. I’m not doing this to get 50,000 followers.

  8. I follow about 100, many don’t post that much or have vanished so I often cut some and replace by others….like you do with friends in real life! 🙂

    I always read even if I don’t comment.

  9. Hi. If I really “like” i press the button. Usually i go through posts I liked every so often and if i have liked them regularly i hit the follow button. I especially enjoy people who comment regularly on my blog. I dont care if they follow me, but I enjoy the relationship that grows. I’m blogging about 5 weeks so don’t have too many i follow just yet. I love though looking in my reader to see whats new.

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