Disaster Averted!

OK, let’s see if I can actually finish a post…

Son has been on the rampage as his ex had brought up their agreement about sharing custody of GS.  It was agreed 8 years ago that GS would go to school and live with us year round, and she gets him all summer and school breaks.  This has worked fine, until she mentioned she wanted GS sooner than agreed.  The agreement was GS to have completed grade school, then they would take a look at Ex’s situation.  Well, Mom just gave Ex a car, and she just moved into a better situation, in a better neighborhood, so apparently she wants GS now through high school!  Son went bat shit crazy.  She is NOT going to take MY son, he’s screaming, and I don’t really blame him.  Now that she finally has her life together, she expects S to suddenly up and let him finish school. 

At last Husband got the two of them to calm down and agree that for right now while S”s situation isn’t stable, that they will NOT bring the subject up until GS is actually IN 5th grade.  By then (I hope, I hope, I hope) S will be stable and with at least a part time job.

Son finally has a doctor he trusts and who will actually try to prescribe drugs that will actually help him.  Normally for his pain he is given Vicodin, which has no effect, this doc believes him when he tells her the Vicodin d oesn’t help his pain and today she prescribed Percaset (sp?) for his pain.  She is also giving him a muscle relaxer and Xanax to help him through days like today.  AT LAST!!! Some progress!


Next, I have given up on trying to get disability, after my final appeal was dismissed for being late (it didn’t matter that I didn’t get it until after the due date).  I automatically submitted a new claim.  Unfortunately, Social Security called me and basically said that if little has changed since the original claim was started (and it hasn’t), I would likely be denied again.  Damn! and I just refused two perfect jobs out of fear of what I can or cannot do.  After reading through the medical records that Social Security had received from my doctors I got a new perspective of my disability, and how minimal it looks on paper.  I’ve decided I am handicapped but not disabled. I accept the feds denial and will go back to work.  Hopefully I can continue to work with the guy that offered up two jobs to me.  I really thanked him for his patience and understanding, I hope I didn’t go overboard, because I was sincere, am sincere.

Maybe it’s not as bad as it seemed when I quit work.  Looking back I think I panicked and freaked out.  There was so much going on at the time, I guess things just looked worse than they actually were?  It was eye opening how un-disabled I appear to others, and frankly, it seems impossible to measure the level of forgetfulness I have, since everyone forgets, it is easy for other people to easily dismiss.  But when I say memory problems, I mean there are times I feel crazy trying to figure out if  what I remember really happened.  In short, I’d make a lousy witness.

Ah well, chaos continues to rain on my household, my shrink upped my antiD’s, so all is right in the world, right? 

I’m about ready to strangle my entire family right now, they will not give me 15 minutes to myself to finish this damn post!  Maybe I could crack into Son’s Xanax??

6 thoughts on “Disaster Averted!

  1. I saw your earlier post about you being in a ‘depression’ for a week or so, but I am so glad that you’ve been able to look forward. You know that my M.S. is likely at the same spot yours’ is and it is hard for people to know how you feel inside when the outside doesn’t show it. And oh the memory…and trying to explain it to people because as you say most people say…oh I have the same problem ..or similar.

    I must say that you live in such a stressful environment that it’s got to be hard to maintain your sense of well being. I know you love your family so much but that doesn’t automatically mean you don’t feel the stress.

    I’m glad that your S has a doctor that seems to understand and relate to him. Is/was he able to get any kind of counseling that might also help? I’m sure that you’re aware that ‘percoset’ can be very addictive. One of my nephews who had severe problems with his back was on it and it took hold of him…He even began taking more ..too much more of it and even got two different doctors prescribing it at one time. I believe now that he has weaned off of it because his back after an operation were somewhat resolved..but he was still ‘addicted’ for a long time. Don’t mean to discourage the use of it because it sounds like S really needs something strong…just a cautionary note.

    Hope you are able to secure a job, as it seems your options have been taken away.

    Anyway take care …. talk soon Diane

    1. Diane

      Great advice. I should’ve known percoset was addictive, but hadn’t even thought about that. Thanks for pointing it out. We will be watching son closely, in fact he and I discussed my keeping the percoset and xanax and give him the proper dosage as needed. I know we are walking a precarious line right now.

      Hopefully I haven’t closed the door on getting a good job (I’m still kicking myself for not taking either of the two jobs I was offered. )

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