A Difficult Hike

I took a bit of a hike yesterday to take pictures of some of our wildflowers.  It’s a dangerous hike for me because of the steep terrain, many loose rocks and boulders, long grass (which hides said rocks) and heavy leaf litter (hides dips and rocks).  For someone who’s a little iffy on her feet, I had a time staying upright.  I probably stumbled a half dozen times.  I took my crappy little camera and did my best to share the flowers with you.  You’ll forgive me if they are not in clear focus, I was operating blind as I couldn’t see the view screen in the bright sunlight.  So here we go.

Wild sweet peas
This is referred to as “miners lettuce” and is edible (at least according to Bear Grills)
Phacelia. These have a faint purple hue and smell wonderful
Fiddleneck (from above) and my toes
The steep, rocky terrain
These are tiny white puffs. I can’t find what they are called. The flower itself is about 1/4″ on fuzzy stems
Not sure what these are either. Tiny blue six petaled something on grassy stems.
California Peony. These (seemingly) red flowers(the reddish fuzzy blob in the center) hang head down and apparently bloom at night or early morning, because I’ve never seen them open, only buds and then seeds.
Top of the climb and still uphill.




10 thoughts on “A Difficult Hike

  1. Oh!! How beautiful and such a nice surprise! If your canera is “crappy,” where can I get one like it!

    I know the hike must have been very tiring, and you are to be commended for toughing it out and taking those lovely fotos. It’s obvious that you’re no beginner in photography! Wow!!

    Warmest Affection,


    1. Such flattery. I must say I am not much of a photographer. You should see my husbands photos! I admit I don’t try very hard and it’s convenient to blame my bad photos on having a crappy camera. I liken it to the old Kodak Instamatic I had as a kid.


  2. What a hike indeed…but I think it was probably great for you to get outside. I think it lifts the spirit a bit …The pictures are lovely and gives me hope for our spring coming soon…..Diane

  3. Lovely hun! Looks like you had a marvellous if challenging walk and so many beautiful flowers around! I hope you’re not paying for it too much now you’re home again 😛
    Come on Spring hurry up and make your way over here I want to see the pretty flowers back in my area too lol xox

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