Addiction and Rehab

Son has come to me serveral times in the last couple of days to tell me of his increased drug use.  He was home alone all day yesterday and spent the vast majority of it just sitting on the couch, high.  He tells me he hates that.  He hates that he hurts, and he hates that he’s depressed/bipolar, he hates that he is alone, he hates needing to take the drugs just to feel better, except for the problem that they wear off faster and faster and he has to take more and more.

He says he’s ready for treatment.  Psychiatric assessment, and properly monitored drugs.  I think he really needs an inpatient program for a few months, but I know we can’t afford that.  Though I don’t have any idea what these places charge and my assumption is, if I have to ask the price, I can’t afford it.

We have been recommended to The Edelman Clinic here in LA.  I think it is a free or low cost clinic, run by the government, but also affiliated with UCLA, which makes me more comfortable with the level of care they give.  Son and I will check it out more tomorrow–they are only open 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.  But I can’t find any information on the cost of care there either.

I think a lot of my current problems have to do with Son’s growing addiction.  I don’t know how to make him get the help he says he wants.  It has to be a good program, or he won’t use it.  Unless we make it a condition of his living with us.  I don’t want to make threats, especially threats I may not be able to follow up on.

At least I had a couple days of rest.  I’ll be going into hormonal overdrive for the next few days, so we’ll see how it goes.  I have moved my computer to my bedroom, and will continue to give Son more space.  And meditate on recovery and acceptance. 

9 thoughts on “Addiction and Rehab

  1. he won’t get help until you are ready for him to go. it takes a lot of love and the ability to stand firm. i know you have the love for him so …

    they don’t tell you the cost of some programs as they are on a sliding scale and subsidized funding. if he goes through the er they can usually get you in fairly quickly. he absolutely has to go to inpatient treatment first. then the whole family needs to go to therapy so you can all be supportive in the way he needs.

    i wish you peace of heart and peaceful days ahead to get your thoughts together.

    1. I forgot I posted this (hence my latest blog).

      I will be making serious inquiries into the local programs we have availalble.

      Thank you so much for your support. I’m going to need it.

  2. Oh I so hope that your S. will follow through and seek help…If he doesn’t things I believe will only get worse. You may have to use ‘tough love’ in order to save him from himself if he decides to change his mind…but I truly hope he has realized that he needs whatever help he can get and that it will be possible financially..

    Will the offices be open tomorrow as here in Canada government offices aren’t as it is a holiday at least for some. My thoughts are with you…This is a turning point I think . At least I dearly hope so….Diane xoxo

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