We’re an “Intervention” Family

How did this happen?  How could I have been so blind? So stupid.  So gullible.  Swallowing his lies until today, when he got sloppy and the lie he told was easy for me to disprove.  This is what has been tearing at the family.  He can’t even take prescription meds properly.  Husband and I decided we will have push rehab on him.  He can no longer handle his addictions and it has to stop.  Son has admitted that he needs help.  Part of him wants to change.  But it’s 8:00 am and he’s already six kinds of high.

I’m sure I’ll get through this, families do.  I’m sure he’ll agree to get help, but he’s putting limits: no inpatient and no group therapy.  He sounds like every other addict.  I can’t believe I’ve supported him all this time, only to allow him to get this bad?

I know I shouldn’t be blaming myself, but how do you not?  Why was I blind to his behavior?  Why did I not call him out on it when I knew he was high?  How did I not know he’d taken LSD by the time he was 12!  He tells me about his drug use so I think he’s being honest with me.  He’s only telling me part of the story.  How could I have let this go on?  (feel free to stop me any time).

Today I’m going to call the Edelman Clinic my doctor told me about.  It’s a free clinic, so Son is sure to drag his feet.  We want him to admit himself to an inpatient rehab, but I’m afraid he will balk at that.  Last night I emailed him several phone numbers for various mental health centers.  I will call some of them myself, but I know S has to make the call.  He has admitted to having a problem and thinks he is still in control.  Now I’m afraid to go to work, he’s liable to hurt someone if he were to drive, as high as he is right now.

I am experiencing the things all of us realize when our whole world changes in an instant.  The “this can’t be happening” feeling.  The “I never thought it would happen to me/us” syndrome.  But I thought I did know that shit happens, and in this family it’s usually bad shit.

I’ve got lots to do, including writing S a check so his bank account is solvent.  Shaking my head in disbelief.  Part of me wants to run and hide.  Part of me wants my mother.  And there’s the other part of me that just wants to fall apart.

I knew it was going to be a tough year, I just never thought it could get this tough! 









































































8 thoughts on “We’re an “Intervention” Family

  1. I think things had to come to a head to find out these things… hard as it must be. I don’t think at this point S. can put ‘ANY’ limitations because he’s thinking he still wants ‘options’…and I think addicts when they need treatment …only option should be to do whatever they need to ..to get better.. He knows it will be hard and he’s not sure maybe if he can do it. I hope he puts his heart and mind to it.

    This is certainly not what you need right now on top of everything else…You know my thoughts are with you… for so many reasons…Diane

    1. Thanks for the input. S and I talked and he will go to the free clinic Wednesday and take it from there. They only offer outpatient services as far as I know, but that’s what S would prefer. Anyway, you need to go in person and wait in line the first visit. After that you will have regular appointments.
      Fingers crossed.

  2. Don’t beat yourself up about it, the people closest to the situation are usually the last to know and anyone who is an addict becomes an expert at hiding things. I really hope he can wake up, smell the coffee and go to an inpatient rehab…by the sounds of things he’s finding it far too easy to get his hands on the drugs where he is.
    (((hugs))) sending you my love and strength xox

    1. Thanks for the support. Son and I talked about things and he wants to try the free clinic. We will go down there on Wednesday together and wait. After this first visit you will be able to have appointments. I hope this is a better free clinic than the others we have dealt with. He doesn’t want a residential treatment, so we agreed to try it this way.

      1. It’s got to be worth a try and see whether doing it the way he wants will work before having to make him do a residential program. I’ll be sending you both the strength to cope with it over the next couple of days and crossing my fingers that things go well xox

      2. Thanks. Son found a free clinic where he could make an appointment. We will go there this afternoon. Son wants me along. I hope it goes well. I hope Son realizes this is his last choice or it’s a residential program. (I did find a free inpatient program!)

        Thanks for the kind wishes and good vibes.


    1. Son has been calling a lot of addiction help places. He’s found a free clinic where he can make an appointment to see a Dr. We’re going this afternoon. I just hope Son realizes that this Dr. will not likely prescribe any drugs, so I’m prepared for him to say it was pointless to go. I found a free inpatient treatment place for him, but he won’t go into a facility for even one night. I will make sure he knows his options are pretty limited.

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