I received a letter today from my mortgage bank saying they have denied me any assistance since I did not produce the requested documents.  Here’s the thing, they keep sending me form letters which don’t specify what they want.  One day I received two separate packages dated the same date but saying different things.  When I called, and after much mining on my part, I discovered I apparently did not include my social security number.  I told them I could give it to them now, since we are on the phone.  Oh, no, we can’t take information over the phone.  It’s apparently unsecure.  Fine.  I relent and fill out their form, again, wrote the social security numbers nice and big and sent along a note saying to contact me at my home number.

So today’s letter tells me I have not been cooperative.  I am not providing the info requested, except they have the forms I completed.  Now they tell me they need my W-2s and my latest tax return.  No where in any letter is this requested.  They sent me one list initially of the docs they wanted.  I completed them and returned them.  They have these documents, yet say I haven’t provided requested info.Image

To say I am frustrated is far from accurate.  I am incensed and crazy upset with the way this is going.  I want to take this public and show the world how the banks here are helping people keep their homes.  Some help.  All I’ve gotten is messages left on my cellphone.  I get no reception for my cell phone at home.  I have requested they contact me at my home number, but they don’t.  How is this helping?  Right now I just want to pack up and move rather than deal with these idiots any longer.

The letters are all signed by the same woman.  A woman I’m not sure even exists.  I have never spoken to her, she only leaves me phone messages on a phone I cannot answer from home.  How hard is that to understand?  Call the right effing number and maybe I can get somewhere.  When I call I have never spoken to the same person twice.

When did my life go to hell?  Why can I no longer cope?  I’m trying to clean up my son, take care of my Mom in law, deal with at least three pending deaths; how soon is anyone’s guess.  It could be weeks, it could be years.  I’m trying to get my own shit together so I can go back to work. The phone interview went pretty well, and I am waiting now for a call to set up an in person interview. How the hell am I supposed to do all of this???

At least most of the paperwork re R and his death are pretty much taken care of.  Though we are still dealing with issues about the car.  Apparently we accidentally included the car’s renewal when we sent in the forms for the change in title.  Now they won’t give Son’s Ex the title, because it doesn’t have her name on it.  Well, Duh, if they would just look at the rest of the papers it will show that the car was transferred to her.  Jeeeeez, why are people who deal with the public so inept and stupid?

I’m about out of venom at this point, so I think I’ll stop.  I just can’t wait to see how Son’s dr appointment goes today.  I’m sure it will be the topper to my already awful day.  I hate to whine here, but I’ve got no where else.  Thank you for listening.

11 thoughts on “Banks!

  1. Ohhhh My….. Is it at all possible to go to this bank…ask to see the Manager of the bank …and tell them you must speak to that person because you’re beyond frustrated and feel you need to talk to someone who can straighten things out Take all the information that you have …explain the ridiculous process and phone call issue….(a few tears may not hurt…but only tears) lol

    I know you’re running on ’empty’ or just about but phone calls just don’t cut it sometimes in explaining things.

    You have so much to deal with …I hope the appointment for your son went okay… If it didn’t and he is in a negative mood….have in mind what your reaction will be ahead of time… (I might be too late with this) And what you will say to him….He must follow through with getting help..and not just let things go on the way they are…You need him to do that….

    I know it’s easy for me to sit here and think I’m so wise in giving you advice and I don’t ever want you to think that I know you’re in the middle of all of this and it’s not as easy as people think it is…. But know that thoughts are with you and I truly wish I could help!…Diane

    1. I have an “appointment” for a phone call to this mysterious Manager tomorrow at 11AM. Hopefully she knows what is needed and what she already has. I have a lot to tell her, for sure. I may even write to the bank headquarters about it, or a TV station, or on Facebook.

      Luckily Son’s been sober all day and says he has no more drugs. It was good to see him sober. He likes the doctor he saw today and will go back in two weeks. He’s not sure how long he will continue, but I think a few months might be what he needs. The doc helped Son figure out sort of what his issue is and has decided he’d like to pursue a lawsuit against his last employer…he was fired 3 years ago without just cause. The idea of revenge on the supervisor who made his life hell is giving him somewhere to focus his anger. I told him, now that you have identified the source of this anger it is time to let it go. He is considering yoga and meditation! A little progress, but oh such a big deal.

      Thank you for your suggestions. I think sometimes that’s exactly what I’m needing. When you’re overwhelmed sometimes it’s good to have someone throwing questions at you. Thanks so much for being here for me.

  2. As you know I’m good at ‘questions’ …so I’m glad you don’t think I’m being intrusive. Even though you are so upset try to keep your cool and just be very organized (and subtly try to make her feel the opposite)

    I’m glad your son’s appointment went well… I kinda wish the next was in one week instead of two to keep the momentum going but maybe if he does do something constructive in the meantime…the time will be well spent. Maybe when he’s in a better place if he really feels he was fired without cause he could pursue that ….who knows? Anyway take care..p.s. good luck tomorrow…. Be thinking of you…Diane

  3. that’s what we are here for! can husband help with the bank? i can appreciate how daunting your situation is and wish there was something i could do to help you. just keep moving, something has to give, it’s physics.

    wishing you peace of heart

    1. I just saw a sign that said, “Sorry, due to cutbacks the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.”

      That’s pretty much how I feel. I do know that things will improve, they have to. I was able to talk to the mysterious manager yesterday and we finally have some real communication. I know what they want now. She even admitted to me form letters are the only ones they have and are used to prompt you to call them. Absurd. She says they have no way to write personalized letters to property owners specifying what the bank needs.

      1. i understand that form letters are more convenient, at DFCS we used them. of course we could just write something personal on the letter. that sort of flls under the “duh” category.

      2. Yeah, if you need something from me, send me a letter that states what you need, instead of one that just basically says “call”. Corporate rules are to blame. We all are expected to live by all these rules, and ignore common sense.

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