Haiku #1

forest mountains snow


crystalline angles melting

river flowing spring


Sorry, I’ve never written Haiku, and it shows, but I was inspired by another blogger’s great series of lessons in Haiku.  Haven’t finished reading through the lessons, so maybe I’ll get better.

4 thoughts on “Haiku #1

  1. !!!! — So beautiful…and I think you know me well enough to know that I’m not just “buttering your toast.” It’s incredible, but are you SURE you’ve never written haiku before?! If this is your first, you’ve set the bar very high for your next! (You may have intended “angel” rather than “angle” but it works either way!) Sooo impressive!

    1. No, it can’t be that good, but thank you so much for the nod! I will be ready to try more. (I did mean “angle” as in the angles found in snowflakes. But I like the idea of angels as well.

  2. Now that I read it again, I believe you DID intend “angle” as in the hundreds of angles in a single snow crystal. Wow! I love it!

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