Haiku #2

photo by Julie Ponder

Lavender perfume

white clouds blue sky breathing

lavender perfume




I kind of like this one, and sorta like writing these.  I never understood Haiku before, but thanks to Randa, I’m finding a new thing to do.  I haven’t written at all (outside of my blog) for years, and I find these little gems a bit addictive.

6 thoughts on “Haiku #2

  1. They ARE addictive, but it’s a harmless addiction. We’ll know that writing haiku has passed beyond “harmless” when we hear that haiku poets are now flocking into “Twelve Step” programs!

    But, Linda please…PLEASE keep writing…your poetic voice is fresh and new, and I can almost smell “the lavender perfume” in your latest haiku. Please forgive me, but I do believe you’re hooked! — 🙂 —


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