COPD and Grandkids

Mom has announced that she wants to move out.  She has found an assisted living place down in Glendale, closer to her doctor.  She wants/needs to be near her doctor.  She says it’s just for a few months, until the doctor can get her rapid heartbeat down.  Her blood pressure occasionally jumps to 175 over 120, or similar.  The doc changed some meds, prescribed a new inhaler and told her to come and see her anytime she felt the need.  I’m thinking there is not much else for the doctor to do. But if it makes her feel better to be closer to her doctor, I guess that’s fine.  But I’m doubtful it’s going to do much for her,

I had to take her to the pharmacy today to get step by step instructions on the new inhaler.  We found out (exactly what I’ve been saying) that she hasn’t got the lung capacity to inhale deeply enough to get the medicine, so it hasn’t been helping.  Now we know she can just keep inhaling until the inhaler clicks, letting her know she has gotten all the medicine.  She was telling the pharmacist that she has trouble breathing because she only has half a lung left.  I don’t know that she’s ever had surgery to remove her lung. Certainly hasn’t been in the last 35 years, which would mean it would’ve been done sometime in the mid/late 70s, before I met her son (my husband).  Husband doesn’t know about it.  If she has only got one half a lung, I really don’t know how she’s survived all her heart problems, surgeries, COPD, and still reached 84 years old!  I also don’t understand what she expects her doctor to still do for her.  Have they reached the end of all medical possibilities to help her any more?  If so, why haven’t they told her?  Or have they?  She has a tendency to just pretend not to hear things she doesn’t want to.

One of Mom’s grandchildren who she hasn’t seen since he was 4-5 years old, is coming to visit next weekend.  My brother-in-law is a serious schmuck (at least he used to be) and left three wives and 5 children behind.  These wives then took the children far away from Mom.  Little by little Husband has tracked them down, and Mom has been in touch with some of the grandkids now for about 13 years.  Sean is the last one to track down.  He was the hardest because he goes by his mother’s maiden name.

I hope all goes well and that Sean is as pleased to be found as we have been pleased to find him.  We’ve only been speaking with him for the last 6 months, and haven’t met him face to face yet.  Needless to say, he’s a little leery of this side of his family, but in talking to him, he’s become comfortable enough that now that he has business down here, he’s going to try to meet his grandma face to face for the first time in 30 years.  Hope meeting him doesn’t give her a heart attack.  Though I guess if it does, she’ll go out happy.

9 thoughts on “COPD and Grandkids

  1. Perhaps this is a move good for her and as a side issue will lessen ‘some’ of the stress for you. It’s nice that she’s been able to meet some grandchildren and can only imagine that she will be pleased to meet this newest one to visit….Diane

  2. hoping the reunion goes well! even if drs. tell some people there is nothing more than can do it often falls on deaf ears. most people want to believe that thier doctor can somehow make them feel better. she may have 1/2 the normal lung capacity rather than 1/2 a lung. will it make things easier if she moves to the assisted living home?

    1. It might be better. Certainly, it would be nice to have the boys back in their room. The issue is that she wants to move for just a couple of months. While the respite would be welcome, I dread the process, moving her out, and then back in, and driving down to visit though it’s only 1/2 hour drive. No matter how I look at this, I just see work for me.

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