I Hate Bank of America

Our mortgage bank is supposedly working with us in an effort to find a refinance program we qualify for.  This has been going on for over six months.  I received a letter and a bunch of forms last week.  The bank says they are sending a representative out to pick up the forms and other documents.  We already completed their forms, sent them documentation, and each time they contact me they ask for the same documents. I don’t understand their game.  What good is it to keep telling me that I must complete the same forms over and over and over again, then send them the same tax returns, and pay stubs and explanatory letters…like why I am unemployed.  ALL information I have already provided.  What is their deal?  I don’t want some guy coming to my home to ask me personally to hand over the forms and docs that the bank already has.  What a waste of their money!

I figure either work with me or don’t.  Don’t harass me with all this “we’re missing” information shite.  I’ve even contacted the VA, since we have a VA loan.  They are sending me the same information on what programs are available, without really providing any assistance whatsoever.  I don’t get why they operate this way, except to draw out the process putting me so far behind on my mortgage that I won’t qualify for any government programs and then they will foreclose.  The whole ridiculous asinine process does buy me time, but unless I get a decent job, there is no way we can keep the house.  It’s just putting off the inevitable.

Since I feel it is inevitable, I am starting to get a bit more comfortable with the idea of having to move.  I dread it, what with a 10 year old and an 85 year old, it’s going to be quite a job.  Though Mom keeps telling us she found an assisted living place in Glendale and will be moving out, she hasn’t really done anything about it.  What I really dread though is having to tell the family that we’ve got to move.  Husband is still hoping that we will find a way to stop foreclosure, but I don’t think it’s possible unless the government steps in and offers another program that we would qualify for.  How we would know we qualify is a mystery, since all BofA has been doing is shuffling (the same) papers from pile A to pile B and then back to me.  They have never indicated that there actually IS a program out there that we DO qualify for.  Image

I have been looking a little bit for a place to rent.  It’s almost impossible to even FIND a 3 bedroom place, forget what the rent might be.  They just aren’t out there.  Husband and I have kicked around the idea of moving to Washington state where the cost of living is better than here.  The problem being that we would both have to find new jobs then.  And how do we save the money to even move?  Our credit is maxed out, and I’ve barely gotten anything from unemployment yet.  It will take us at least six months to save money for first and last month’s rent, deposits, utility fees, and truck rental.  It’s no fun being this stuck.  I’m pretty sure we have probably another year here before the bank actually moves toward kicking us out, but we will stay as long as we can and hope for the best.

I try very hard not to beat myself up over all the decisions I’ve made over the past couple of years.  I try not to kick myself for even buying this house.  Even if we find some miracle and get to keep the house, I don’t know how we’d ever be able to save the money we need to make some much needed repairs.  Sometimes I think it would be better to just give up the house, but we definitely need time to try to save some money.  Pretty hard when you’re supporting five people on an income of one low-paying job.  (Mom does not contribute anything to the house besides an occasional lunch or dinner out.)

That’s enough for now, because I’m getting all depressed just thinking about it.  Guess I’ll go watch a documentary about the Vikings.


5 thoughts on “I Hate Bank of America

  1. The rigmarole the bank has put you through is ridiculous…as if you don’t know that already… It seems that they need someone to straighten their department up…What ever happened to big banks caring about people… My memory is bad ….but don’t remember if you have anything like ombudsmen … to help sort things like this out and be kind of an ‘advocate’ for you….

    You do need time… to sort things out Plan A and Plan B and for example your Mom and what she is doing… Still too much is on you to do but I realize that this likely won’t change…

    Thinking of you and hoping for some closure for you whatever that is… Diane

    1. I actually contacted a lawyer for a bit of guidance. I spoke with him for a few minutes and explained the situation. He’s going to do some research and call me on Monday.

      I’m certain there is no way we will be able to keep the house. I just have to wait for husband to come to the same conclusion and start planning what we want to do.

      1. Maybe the lawyer will come up with something…? In any case …yes I would guess you need to wait until your husband agrees with the situation and solution…Diane

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