Sorry, this comment could not be posted.

Dear WordPress Administrators,

Please fix the glitches.  Lately I have had to sign in to comment, and it was a little bit of a hassle, but it worked.  Now even that doesn’t work and I can no longer comment on people’s posts.  My Like button only works in certain views.  Comments I have received cannot be accessed by the shortcut balloon icon.  There are times I click on a post in my reader only to see nothing on the page.  I did figure out you click on the blog name and can get it.  Inconvenient, yet, but nothing insurmountable until now.   Now I sign in, hit comment and get the notification that my comment could not be posted.  If these things would be repaired I would greatly appreciate it.  I know I am not the only one with problems.

Thank you in anticipation of quick resolution of these growing problems.

9 thoughts on “Sorry, this comment could not be posted.

    1. I posted a complaint on the forum, but haven’t heard a response yet. writerwannabe763 also posted on the forum about the problems she’s been having. Hope things are fixed soon, because they seem to be multiplying!

  1. sj at Snobbery ( is having the same problem (and would like very much to write this comment herself, but can’t comment on any blogs at all but her own and .org blogs, and hasn’t been able to for some time.) She’s gone to the forums over and over for help, and they’ve been no help at all – just keep asking things like “are you sure you’re using the right email address to sign in?” and “are you sure it’s not a problem with your cookies?” (She’s sure. She knows the internet better than almost anyone I know.)

    It’s frustrating, and even more frustrating is that WordPress doesn’t seem to either be interested in helping, or is incapable of helping.

    I hope it’s fixed soon, for everyone’s sake.

    1. I have discovered that after you get the message that your comment can’t be posted, reopen the blog you want to comment on. You can usually comment then. I copy my text, saves time. Inconvenient, you bet, but I’ve been able to comment on almost anyone’s blog since I discovered you just need to try again.

      As to the signing in…all I do is click on the WP icon. It doesn’t ask for any information.

      I’ll pop over to Snobbery and give the same info there.

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