So Little Time

I am having trouble finding the time to actually do everything I’d like to do.  There are some amazing blogs here and I want to really delve into them and read back “issues” but find I can barely keep up with the current posts.

I try to spend only one hour a day blogging/reading blogs.  Obviously that is not nearly enough to read all of the posts I’d like to.  Some days I spend 3-4 hours reading and commenting.  Part of me feels I am “wasting” my time, because there is a beautiful world out there that I tend not to participate in.

Then there’s my writing.  I can usually find the time to post a short blog, and I dabble a bit in Haiku, but my journaling?  Not enough time.  My novel?  No time.  I’m too busy the rest of the day I’ve got dishes to wash, laundry to fold, a MIL to taxi, a son to talk to, a grandson to play with, a book I want to finish.  Then I have to find the time to spend one on one with husband.  There never seems to be enough time left for me.

I want to learn to spin yarn and thread, and eventually learn to weave.  Don’t know why, I just do.  I have found a lady nearby who will teach me, and I will contact her to set up an appointment to start my lessons soon.

I want to do comedy and audition for the local small theater groups.

Do I want too much?  Am I trying to do too much?  Do I need more help?  Do I need to demand more out of others?  Probably.  People tell me I shouldn’t have to do everything, but I am finding it difficult not to do it myself, because otherwise it just doesn’t get done.  It may get started, but never finished.

Today feels just like I felt several weeks ago.  Well, not that bad, but I feel edgy.  I find myself locked in my room away from people.  I’d go for a walk, but my ankle hasn’t quite healed well enough.  My right leg gets so tired, and my right hip starts to hurt with putting all my weight on that side.  I should be walking my normal hour+ per day next week (I hope).  And able to do Tai Chi and Zumba by the week after (I hope).

9 thoughts on “So Little Time

  1. just have to do what the rest of us do, prioritize. and yes expect more of other’s. so what if something doesn’t get done? when there are no clean dishes they will discover how to do dishes themselves. i would love to read prior posts but know that isn’t going to happen.

    get out there and live your life! we will be here:)

  2. Linda, I share with you the desire to cram so much in life! For me, it is to read and learn about the entire Universe, to do standup, to write at least one good novel and publish it, to publish several collections of my haiku, to live a “haiku life,” to sample every hobby under the Sun, to act in a community theater, to walk the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine…..and on and on. Life is so overwhelmingly GOOD! i just MUST live it before I die. And you must, too. May you be blessed as you search for “your” way. -R-

    1. I guess I’ll find the time by putting MY needs at the head of the line.

      There is so much that one can do, the trick is to try things one at a time, and hope you have time to try them all.

      Be well, my friend.

  3. I do pretty well what you do.. like right now there is way too much to catch up on..but the regular people I keep in close contact with I will try and catch up… but at some point I have to let some of the older blogs go of other bloggers… You have a lot more to handle in day to day life than what I do.. so you need to leave time for those things… Diane

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