100 Words and the Letter “C”

Another writing challenge courtesy of Swimming to 50.  A 100 word piece with each line beginning with the letter “C”.  My attempt.  It was hard coming up with enough C words.  I had a time getting my word count to 100 for a while, and ended up with 113.  But I couldn’t quite get the cadence I was shooting for.  Suggestions appreciated.

Came to the beach today

Cautionary steps on ankle sprained

Crabs scrabble among the stones

Colorful starfish cling to rocks among

Caches of broken shells


Capering dogs

Chasing sticks they jump

Children digging in the sand

Castles rising above the surf

Carry buckets at their side

Cumulus clouds flowing by

Can you see the floating gulls

Calling calling

Creating danger to those below

Callously dropping missiles silent


Cautious dolphins in the waves

Carefully dodging fellow surfers

Call each other to come and see

Cameras click and buzz and chirp

Capturing images for all to see

Crashing waves, soothing me

Currents strong

Call to me

Creative energy rejuvenated

Can’t wait till I can play

18 thoughts on “100 Words and the Letter “C”

  1. So many powerful images CAPTURED by your CAPTIVATING COMMAND of our CURIOUS, CONTRARY language! Nicely done..and sooo CREATIVE!

  2. Hey there,
    I really liked to read your short story, thank you for posting. Interesting idea to start every line with a “C”. How did you happen to do it?
    I think what could give your story even more message is to repeat one characteristical line in only slight variations at the end of each or every second paragraph, e.g. “… Cold would have been appreciated … Cold was out of sight … Cold was the only thing I could think of … “. In my opinion my variations were already a bit to big but I think you might get the message of the lines and understand what I want to say.
    If you are searching for rhythm in your story (I just looked up the word ‘cadence’ and it could mean something like this…), I would recommend you to listen to rhythmical music while writing, reading your story out loud against or with a metronome beat and even dance or march to the beat of your words. This way you can improve your rhythmical basic feeling and probably have less to struggle with story or poem rhythm.
    What do you think about my suggestions?
    Have a great day & may the force be with you,

      1. Ok, I see. Well, you will post another writing as an implementation of Brickhousechick, won’t you? So I might check it out someday, writing is more a tool than a goal for me. That’s why I see myself as a speaker and not as an author. Hope you understand the point I want to make?
        You’re welcome and I would recommend to give it a new try with another letter and just see how far you can go. Don’t destroy your wonderful story with an exercise recommended by a song (lyrics) writer, please 🙂
        Do you know how I come to say “may the force be with you”? When I started to become interested into gamification, I quickly realized that there are two sides, the good one and the bad one, the dark and the light side (you can read more about it here: http://gammagamification.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/the-two-sides-of-gamification/). So I felt that I needed a strong saying to make clear that I want everyone to stay on the light side and I remembered the Star Wars Jedi saying.
        May the force be with you,

      2. I like the idea of writing another story using only the letter D (or whichever) to start each line. I find it to be a challenging writing exercise.

        I hope you get a chance to skim though a couple of Buddhist books. I think they were the model for the Jedi. I totally get “may the force be with you” in the very real sense, it is a beautiful phrase, though in the general world is designated a geeky saying, but I see that you mean it seriously. I try to stay on the light side. For me the dark side is my depression, which I am always fighting. I guess we each have our own light/dark side.

        I hope you get what I’m saying, or rather, babbling. I find our “conversations” stimulating to say the least.

        And May the force be with you as well.

      3. Looking forward to read another story! Maybe you could do the alphabet in one story? Starting the first line with A, second with B, and so on? Of course I get the chance to read the books you recommended me and I will not only skim them but read them the way I use to read all my books now: Letting my brain work on how that makes sense to me and what consequences are implied for my world. So I always take some notes when I read a book, might be directly related to the current book or just came into my mind so seem to have an unconscious relation to the current book.
        I think it is not the worst thing that can happen to someone if that someone experiences a depression (or something similar). I went to psychatry with some sort of psychosis at the age of 16 to 17. After two months being there and taking drugs to get a bit of a impression of control about my body back, I could finally leave psychatry. I soon started to realize that I want to take singing lessons and happened to find my “guru” in my singing teacher. He has a very simple philosophy and corrected my voice and my related misconfiguration, especially at the energy-flow-to-the-outside-level that used to lock me into my head. So you can say I took this opportunity to dive deep into the really important questions of live and am still on my journey. I know the darkside and now know how to use my brain without disconnecting it from my body. It is all about knowledge, critical self-reflection, optimism and self-belief/confidence. Do you think I should publish something about how I happened to come to psychatrie? Started something some time ago but never published. I give you the first lines here and you might tell me if I should go on 🙂

        In the beginning, everything was fine. At least I thought so. Until I woke up in a hospital in France, being on a drip-feed, having a catheter between my legs, paralysed. My thoughts moving all the faster, even faster, dashing, circulating at hyper-speed around one thought: It’s me, the virus.
        Passing my time letting my sight flow from the ceiling to the floor by simply moving my eyeballs, blink, repeating it, some kind of streak in my sight is following my eyeball movement, I am playing a kind of bizarre ping-pong with the streak. Seeing UN soldiers running through a labyrinth, surrounding two persons, feeling like they are approaching. I have taken a nap, the door opens, the two persons enter.

        So what do you mean?

        Have a great day & that our conversations stay that stimulating,

      4. Very interesting. I think you might help a lot of people by writing about your experience with your psychiatric hospital stay. It sounds like you were able to mostly recover by yourself. How very impressive. You are an extraordinary person! No everyone can be self critical, especially one as young as 16! I truly look forward to our continued conversations. You may contact me directly at barliman@att.net if you like, it would be a bit more private if you prefer. Otherwise, this way is fine with me.

      5. Hey there, thank you very much and I am glad you liked it. I guess I will begin to translate the first episode tomorrow, I have got a word document of about 3 pages I wrote some years ago in German, describing how I got a psychosis and what happened next. Looking forward to your feedback once I posted the first episode. Feel free to spread the word then. Thank you very much once again and I really appreciate that we have met here.
        Have a great day my friend!

  3. i thought it was evocative and took me to a lovely place. you can not be serious about improving! it did what i think you wanted to do, the flow took me out and brought me back in. thank you

    1. thank you for saying so. I really appreciate your opinion. Especially since it makes me want to do another piece, perhaps using the letter D. Maybe do the whole alphabet, now there’s a project.

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