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forpeace6As a nominal member of Bloggers for Peace, I try to do their monthly Peace Challenge.  This month it is to show how music and peace are or can be interrelated.  Music has always had a very strong influence on me.  I don’t know what I would do without it.  I particularly like music of the Vietnam protest era.  Of course, Woodstock was a huge influence of the anti war movement.  Country Joe and the Fish (link to the “Vietnam Song” click here), Bob Dylan, Ravi Shankar, Richie Havens, to name some favorites.

I think music has always been able to speak to people.  My favorite all time peace related songs would be “With God On Our Side” (Dylan) and “Masters of War” (Dylan).  The best version of Masters of War would be the Pearl Jam version, of which I provide courtesy of You Tube here .

I think music is the perfect vehicle to speak to people about peace, and what better way than to protest war?

10 thoughts on “Bloggers For Peace

  1. Hey there,
    just wanted to drop you some lines of a song I wrote after I read an inspiring post by my friend Ron ( see BUS Ride Demonstration). It is about a soldier that has to leave his country for war and his family does not want him to go because they know he could get hurt and they fear losing him.
    Here we go:

    i want you to stay
    your wife cries not hiding her tears
    she knows she could lose you
    that’s all that she fears
    Damn she’s got a right
    and you’ve got a right
    to reject the honour
    and stand up for life!

    Have a great day & may peace surround you,

    1. Oh I do like your lyrics. This is exactly what I believe. Are you familiar with the TV show M*A*S*H? In one episode, Hawkeye (a main character) asks, “What if they threw a War and nobody came?” What if all the soldiers chose life over death, whether their own or their enemy’s. I will check out your friend’s blog.

      1. I’m lucky to have expressed it in a meaningful way, thank you!
        I am not familiar with M*A*S*H. Are there some episodes, maybe the one you told me about, on youtube or something like that? Would be great to have a link as Google might be my friend but you are my friend, too and you are a human being that I appreciate very much 🙂 Let me know if you commented or have some thoughts to share about it, please.

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