100 Words (or so) With the Letter “W”

Continuing in the vein begun by Brickhousechick (http://swimmingtomy50s.wordpress.com/), which has begun to be a lot of fun.  Forgive me, but I felt this one was complete at 92 words. (So shoot me.)


Where do you think you are going?

Worrying about tomorrow

Wishing away your life day by day

Weary of false promises and the end of hope

Wounds old and new healing


Will you continue

Wanting, needing

Waiting for your heart’s desire

Wary of imitations


When will your life begin?


Who do you think you are?

Wandering the

World alone

Watching the

World pass you by

Wisps of dreams above your head


When will you arrive?

Worn out as an old coat

What do you

Want out of life? and

Why haven’t you gotten it?

9 thoughts on “100 Words (or so) With the Letter “W”

  1. … Who are you,

    I’d like to add. Might spoil your beautiful story but I thought of Stephenie Meyer’s book “The host” and its main character, “Wanda” who is called “Wanderer” in the beginning (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0316068055?ie=UTF8&tag=stepheniemeye-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0316068055#reader_0316068055).
    Thx for sharing this great story, you really are an artist!
    May joy and peace surround you,

      1. No the whole alphabet is not boring 🙂 but why not trying the first line starting with A second with B and so on thing? I would like to read this one 😉

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