Twenty-Six Lines

26 Lines

A boy kissed a girl

Because she was pretty

Challenging it was, as she was hanging upside down from a tree.

Determined he was to retrieve that kiss

Excellent, cried the girl

Far out, responded the boy

Gee, let’s try it again

Hey, not a bad idea

Idea it remained, for

Just then the girl’s father came out

Kick your little arse, I will he said to the boy.

Let me see you try, he said boldly

Miserable wretch, said the father, get out of here

No, said the boy

Oh won’t you

Please don’t hit him Papa, said the girl

Quit your crying, this here is man stuff you wouldn’t understand

Ridiculous, she said.  I understand completely.

Still, she thought, she’d like to see what the boy was made of

Tomorrow, said the boy, and was off

Until then, said the father angrily and the girl dreamily

Very naughty girl, you are, the father scolded

Wel,l he is nice and funny and kisses very softly

eXactly why

you’re to stay away from him

Zippity Do Dah, said the daughter and went into the house.

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