Why do I feel guilty every time I imagine a life alone?

Why do I feel guilty when I say no?

Why do I feel guilty about everything that goes wrong?

Why do I feel it’s all my fault?

Why do I feel responsible for husband’s happiness, but not my own?

Why the hell do I feel guilty?

No wonder I want to leave.

Why does suicide still seem like a good decision?

6 thoughts on “Guilt

  1. You feel guilty because you have been programmed to feel everyone else comes first. You are a nurturer, it comes naturally to you to want your family to be happy. My third son was never an easy child to please, when he was 9 I spoke to my health visitor about it. This is what she told me………
    You are not responsible for his happiness, if he wants to be miserable then let him. Tell him that from now on you are going to stop trying to make him happy. If he wants to join you doing fun things that is good but you are not going to let him make everyone else miserable because he doesn’t want to be happy. Everyone is responsible for their own happiness.
    So I told him that I was not going to be bending over backwards to make him happy at the expense of everyone else any more. Ok so I wouldn’t say that he is the happiest person in the world but he is much more contented. He is now 21 and knows that he is responsible for himself.

    Now you should only be feeling guilty not for making yourself happy. I am certain that your family would be happier if you were happier. Try smiling every time you walk in the room see how long it takes for them to smile back……just a suggestion.

  2. You feel guilty because you’ve always put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own and now when you’d like to for once think of yourself have to re-program your thinking… YOU deserve to be happy and have some things in life that you’ve just never given to yourself.. .. like ‘time’, pampering, friends, some money just for yourself, some peace and quiet, etc… the list goes on…

    Every time you start to feel guilty.. talk to yourself and say something like ‘I deserve to be happy’ I am special… Guilt will dray you down…

    Suicide is not the answer….. ‘happiness is’… Diane

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