10 thoughts on “Take 3

  1. You gave me some laughs…’the only reason I wear a bra’…. You were nervous..that’s to be expected…and you said you didn’t quite no where to look etc.. but it’s a good ‘first time’…. !!!! Oh and you’ll need to slow a bit in between jokes..to allow for laughs….lol Diane

  2. Hey i think this was excellent for your first effort, and the humour was great, the bra one had me,, however a little nerve was noticeable,, but what is it they say ‘practice makes perfect’ but i loved it, well done.. keep it going.. smiling 😉

  3. HAHAHA! That’s some F-U-N-N-Y stuff, Miz Linda! Would suggest faster pacing and energy, energy, energy! Oh, did I mention energy?! You’re on your way now, Hon! Keep at it! ** 🙂 **

    1. I’m working up some other bits and rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing. Hopefully my next post (maybe in a couple weeks) will be much better. I’m also studying George Carlin videos (George is one of my all time favorite comics).

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