Happy Friday

Happy Friday all.

It’s been a long hot week and I can’t remember the last time I was so ready for the summer to end.  It’s been near 100 degrees most of the week, even with the a/c on, I’m uncomfortable.  In fact, I haven’t been this uncomfortable since I left Arizona!  I don’t want to go out until the sun goes down, but I’ve got errands to run that have to be done before then.

I have felt under the weather all week, I don’t know if it’s the heat or something else, but my appetite is poor and my stomach is upset.  Not sure if I should eat or not, I don’t feel any better or worse if I do.  Maybe it’s the gastroparesis coming back.  I had that a few years ago and got down to 105 lbs.  Even for my height (5’2″) that’s getting pretty thin.  I guess if it keeps up I’ll have to go to the gastroenterologist again.  Maybe I’ll wait until I lose 20 lbs first though. (LOL)  I’m sleeping pretty good, even napping every day.  Not that napping is necessarily a good thing, but lately a necessity and I’m getting solid 2 hours naps this week.  Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s because I’m not eating well.

All in all things have been pretty good lately.  Husband and I are getting along, Son has been clean and sober, there have Property Photobeen no major arguments.  Husband and I have been looking at property in Oregon/Washington.  Not that we will buy if we move, but just to dream.  Last night we were looking at house boats, or floating houses.  They are so cool.  And actually cheaper than buying a regular house, I guess because you’re not buying any land?  There are even some with 4 bedrooms and two baths, with beautifully re-done kitchens, and wooden floors.  I could definitely live on a house boat.

I’ve been reading “Buddhist Bootcamp” and it speaks to me.  The chapters are short and contains some terrific quotes.  The author is a monk with a keen way to simplify things and it’s working for me.  I’ve actually started to meditate (well I try), and have had the briefest of glimpses into a peaceful mind.  Then the other day I discovered there is a Buddhist Center here in town.  I planned to check it out today after my Tai Chi class, but forgot.  I will definitely make it there soon, though, maybe next week after things cool off.

Speaking of which, my classes are going well.  Zumba is one hell of a work out, and I’m bummed that I missed a class already, and will miss next week as well.  I’m barely getting the steps down and we’re half way through.  I guess I will be able to take the class again.   I tried to find online tutorials, which are actually abundant, but I guess each instructor has their own steps and music, and I haven’t found anything like my class.  I was hoping to see a change in my weight, but maybe by the end of the 8 weeks I’ll drop a few pounds.   I’m getting the hang of Tai Chi as well.  It’s nice to know I can memorize a few of the moves.

Part of the Buddhist Bootcamp talks about denying yourself.  Denying myself chocolate is probably one of my toughest tasks.  Well, chocolate, and ice cream, and brownies.  Preferably together, is my absolute favorite treat and my biggest challenge to deny myself.  Especially if I have a bad day and feel I need to reward myself.  Of course, what kind of reward is it if it is bad for me, right?  That’s the way I have to start looking at it.  Not as a reward, but as a punishment.  That ought to keep me away from brownies!  Last night I was pretty pleased with myself by not grabbing a chocolate bar.  I may have to get ice cream some time this weekend though.  No.  I will not, a nice icy cold piece of fruit would be so much more satisfying (I think if I say that I’ll believe it).


Chocolate covered

ice cream brownies drenched in

hot fudge and whipped cream




32 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Hiya, Linda! Cute haiku! So cute now I’m gonna print it out and EAT IT!! Yummmm!! I’m thrilled to hear you are so involved in such wholesome activities! You really “sound” good!! ((huggggs))


    1. Thank you. I am surprised by how well things are going. It’s hard not to be anxious about something coming along to bring chaos. I’m trying very hard to be Buddhist about things. Still haven’t made it to the Buddhist Center, but I will. Maybe when things cool off a little.

  2. do you find tai chi to be a form of meditation? i can remember in basic training i would meditate while holding my m16 straight out in front of me. i could hold that thing all day and never move:) things sound like they are going better and that is great news! you deserve to be happy. tell yourself that every day and make it happen. no one else can do it for you. btw we were at 80 degrees here at 10 p.m. it just doesn’t cool down at night here the way it did in california.

    nice that you and hubby are dreaming together. nothing wrong with that. i have to say i have been on a houseboat, a relative lived on one, and i loved it. when you buy a house you are buying in large part the land.

    wishing you much joy and peace of heart my friend

  3. Hey Linda, so things are working with your husband again? Or just a short sequence of silence and peace?
    Have a great day,
    P.S.: One tiny piece of chocolate can be a great reward (if you stay with one tiny piece ;))

    1. Things with my husband have reached a quiet peace. I am still not sure about some things, but won’t be pushing him to do more quite yet. He is making an effort and I truly appreciate it. He’s helping around the house a bit more, not “playing” with me in ways that upset me. That’s huge! I just wish I knew if I was still in love.

      PS. That’s just it, I can never stick with just one piece!

      1. I like the idea about the chocolates. Right now I’m just trying to learn to deny myself. I tell myself to think about the people who’ve never even tasted a bar of chocolate, or a bowl of ice cream and it makes me feel guilty to eat it.

      2. Well, hope I don’t spoil it this way but trying to make me feel guilty this way wouldn’t work for me, guess I would think “lucky me, eat that goddamn chocolate and praise you’ve got some” 🙂

      3. I dealt with the bank about my house yesterday and it still has me down. I’ll feel better after I gather the papers they want and get them faxed. Then I’ll be safe for a month or two.

        PS. Decided against ice cream, but I did eat a chocolate brownie! I feel better (if fatter) 😀

      4. I really recommend you to get a copy of this one (http://www.amazon.com/Switch-Change-Things-When-Hard/dp/0385528752/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1378691899&sr=8-1&keywords=switch+how+to+change+things+when+change+is+hard).
        Reading this book you will learn that self control is exhausting you so you need to be very sure about when you really need to control yourself and when it is necessary to reward you or make change easier (e.g. have no chocolate in your house and hide all the clothes away so that you can’t go to the next grocery store) 🙂

  4. I live by the Regents canal in London and get envious walking along the ow path at people residing on barges. They are a bit small, and probably freezing in Winter, but when they are lounging atop them in Summer, a dog running about on board I yearn for that kind of life.

    1. It does make life look easy, doesn’t it? I think part of their contentment comes from getting rid of a lot of stuff. We collect too much in our lives that we don’t want to part with, we are too attached to our stuff. Perhaps releasing so many possessions (because most of those places are pretty small) is part of the difference.

      1. True, if you are surrounded by your things all the time it would hopefully make you less inclined to hoard. I expect in London most boats are still kitted out with all the latest gadgets, it would be nice to think you are leaving that all behind to some extent.

        What actually stops me doing it is it is almost impossible to get a mortgage for a houseboat so you need to save up to buy it and then the mooring costs are as much as my normal rent for my house, so it isn’t cost effective. I also work by the canal too, 7 miles further downriver so parking wouldn’t be a problem!

      2. Yeah, I’ve been reading about how difficult it is to get a loan for one. Plus, as you say, there’s the moorage fees, and maintenance is like a boat rather than house.

      3. I’m off for 3 days in Luxembourg tomorrow, my friends live there, not much relaxing involved, we’ll be in the pub and a huge funfair they have in town every year. It is a gorgeous city though

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