To write about peace today is important, what with President Obama wanting to intercede in Syria.  We’re going to drop bombs and kill thousands, because you poisoned your own people?

forpeace6Bombing isn’t the answer, why don’t they see it?  To paraphrase George Carlin, Killing people for killing people is like screwing for chastity.  It Does Not Work.  All we accomplish is the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and for what?  Because their President decided he was a Dictator?  What about taking care of your own house before you intercede in civil wars.

How is it up to us to police the world.  Isn’t that what the UN does?  Does France want to jump in and join us in putting an end to the up-rest in Egypt and Syria?  No.  What about Germany, does it concern them when a dictator mistreats his own people?  I would think it would concern the world when we see war all around us.  Killing the youth of multiple countries, to help the people over throw their government?  Surely there is another way.

It seems as if the US is expected to react to incidents in other countries.  Maybe if we talked more.  How many diplomats does a country have?  There should be more, there’d be more understanding, and less a sense of Us against Them.

Only the people of their country can decide how they want to govern or be governed, and I’ll bet most of the citizens want nothing to do with war.  Why should they?  Why should anyone Want to go to war?  Because they buy intphoto (1)o the hype.  George Bush  got us into Iraq and Afghanistan by lying to the people, inciting the young to “do the right thing” and kill their people for killing some of our people.  Innocent people, who had nothing to do with the quarrel on either side.

Why can’t they see it?  WE have been fighting the SAME war since time began.  Radical Theists on both sides wanting to obliterate their “enemy”  And who decided the few spoke for the many.  And Many were going to die to avenge the deaths of other innocent people.

4 thoughts on “Peace

  1. our country has for once voted to stay out, good I say, but now we are being shunned and snubbed,, but it does no good and get no thanks for trying to do good. there must be other ways other more violence.. and waste of life..

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