Finding Happiness

I’ve been plagued by doubts about my marriage of 34 years, as many of you know.  I  thank all of you who have provided me with wonderful comments and invaluable advice from many of you.  One of you (his blog here.) Sent me this ( ) questionnaire.  I’m sharing my answers, anyone care to share theirs, I found this actually helpful, Chris (, thank you.


– What are my personal aims?  To gain a following on Youtube, learn to meditate
– What are things that I like to do?  Make people laugh, help people and write
– What are things that I don’t like to do?  Make small talk it’s inane, why can’t people talk about more interesting things, like the news, not, what’s trending now, or who should win American Idol (UGH) or Dancing with the Stars (ICK).
– What am I good at?  I’m one hell of an ex-executive assistant.  I was good before I lost my mind (lol).  I’m also sort of funny and I will continue to improve on my comedy skills.
– What am I bad at and do I want to change something about it?  Speaking up for myself, taking the blame.
– When do I feel happy?  Snuggling with my dog.
– What is it then that makes me feel happy?  Someone warm and adoring to cuddle, who wants nothing more from me than my love.
– Is there any chance to trigger the reason for that happiness more often (e.g. by changing your workplace, join your working place community (or found it) or invest more time in a particular spare time activity)?  Snuggle with a family member, or at least bond, meet people.
– When do I wish to change something and why do I think this change is impossible instead of trying to go for the change?  Negative thinking, self defeating talk, you can find a number of excuses not to do something.  Finding the strength to change is a lot harder than I thought.  Old habits die hard.
– When do I blame others and could I not do something about solving the problem myself if it is that important to me?  If something is important to me, or needs to be done “my way”, I do it.  In fact, I usually do everything.  I need to stop doing that.  Things don’t have to always be done your way.  As long as they are helping me.

I hope some of you will pop in on Chris (  (Sorry, I can’t seem to get the link thingy working right.)


PS; shit I just realized son is on his favorite downer again.  Just when I thought things were good.  I knew he’d blow some of his money on that drug.  I hate this fucking drug.  It makes my son completely irrational, and exceedingly annoying.  I just hope he hasn’t taken so much that he’ll stay this way for hours.  Right now he’s passed out.  At least I’m not crying.

17 thoughts on “Finding Happiness

  1. All I can say is that “we” are all beautiful works in progress … each has their journey … some paths have more obstacles than others … keep on keeping on until you find your place.

    1. It’s what I’ve been doing. It’s been nice dragging some other bloggers with me as I slog through my midlife crisis Which is now going into it’s 3rd difficult year, but I think at last I am making three steps forward and one back.

      It’s a process..

  2. Reblogged this on On the light side of gamification and commented:
    Hey Linda,
    I enjoyed reading your answers very much but I guess if you answer them again in a couple of months, you will have found much more to answer as you may be more conscious about the things that matter in life now. For learning more about how to get change smooth I can recommend you “Switch – how to change things when change is hard” by Chip and Dan Heath. A great book, thinking about write a “Lessons learned from reading” post about it but guess this might still take some time to come 🙂
    I am very sorry for you and your son but remember, life is a highway.
    Have a great day and take care,
    P.S.: Thank you very much for the links 🙂

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