War and the Middle East

I would love to put out my hand to all the citizens of Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, anywhere in the Middle East to reach out back to me.  Start a dialogue between the actual citizens of the countries instead of their stupid, ego driven, power-hungry leaders.  Wouldn’t that be a good thing?  To actually have a dialogue about what the people truly want?  The stats I have read show an overwhelming desire of the American people to stay OUT of Syria, yet Obama seems determined to “send a message” that killing people with bullets is completely acceptable, but killing them with chemicals is cruel?  Dead is dead to the dead people, what do they care the reason?  They are innocent bystanders either way.

I hate the media and the way it tries to incite disagreements.  I guess disagreements mean news, and happy conversations between equals is boring and un-newsworthy?  Maybe I just don’t understand.  Maybe I don’t want to understand all the intricacies and questions of who did what to whom, but they have been fighting in the Middle East since the beginning of time.  One tribe hates another tribe because of some imagined slight and so their “enemies” must die.  Why?  Just because they don’t think like you do?  Does anyone in the world think exactly like you do?  No.  I know that, but at our core don’t we all just want to live our lives in peace, not hurting and not  hurting others?

I honestly do not understand war.  After 9-11 (I hate that stupid term.  It’s two numbers, what does it really define?) Bush pushed our country into war with Afghanistan for harboring Al Qaeda.  Isn’t that group in Somalia, Egypt, Syria and virtually everywhere in the Middle East?  Just like there are Christians in England, Scotland, Mexico, South America, North America.  Shouldn’t the Al Qaeda hate all those countries equally?  Why is our hate directed only toward one group at a time?  If Christians hate Muslims (and the most radical of both groups do) go into that country and preach.  If they kill your preachers I’d take that as a hint that they don’t appreciate your interpretation of god?The Torah

Which brings me to the idea of god.  With all due respect to those who believe in god, I don’t.  I see no proof of the existence of a supreme being.  I do however believe there is power in the world.  I just believe it comes from the world itself, not a person living in a castle in the sky.  Some people interpret this world power as god.  And I’ve come to accept that in many ways.  I realize not everyone believes like I do, and my truth isn’t their truth, but  I see no need to cast aspersions on the beliefs of others. (Which I am guilty of…so sorry.)  Why do some Christians believe so strongly that the Muslims are “wrong” to believe the way they believe.  Why is what is “right” for you the ONLY right, and therefore “right” for everyone?  Why must I believe the way you do, or vice versa.  I’d never try to convince someone there is no god.  The proof isn’t there for me.  I don’t have faith in anyone but me.  I am learning to accept your beliefs, but I don’t want someone to preach to me that I am “wrong.”

The BibleI wrote some time ago about how I didn’t understand the warring between the Palestinians and Israelis.  These two groups have been fighting since before I was born.  They have generations steeped in hatred of the other and why?  Because the Jews never had a home and were a wandering people??  What?  What sort of stupid reason is that?  People tell me I don’t understand the politics of the hatred and that it goes back years.  It goes back to the State of Israel was created in the 1950s by “stealing” land from the Palestinians?  (I think that’s it, I am rather ignorant of the specifics).  Why do you hate someone because they had no home and the UN decided this was a good place to make a home for a wandering people.  Weren’t we all once wandering tribes?  What makes your tribe better than mine?  Why should I think mine is better than yours.  What is “better” anyway?

I’d love to hear from those in the Middle East (and I suppose those who have studied the area extensively) to try to understand why one group is better than another.  When you get down to it, that’s what it’s all about, right?  One side considering their wants, needs, and viewpoints are the only correct viewpoint.  If that is the case there is no hope for the world.  Because there will always be people who must insist that their world view is the “true” and “correct” world view and all others are wrong and they will force their will upon others.

I’d like us to learn to be tolerant of others.  Be they over the standard weight, overly tall, overly short, the “wrong”The Qur'an color, the “wrong” hairstyle, the “wrong” dress.  Who are we to impose our beliefs on any one else.  What happened at 9-11 was tragic and awful, but it could’ve also been prevented had the US acted on the information they had.  But instead what happened happened and nearly 3000 people died, and many thousands affected.  The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have killed (based on various estimates) between 110,600 to an estimated 1, 033,000 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_Iraq_War)!  I think that’s a bit uneven if you’re thinking “an eye for an eye” or revenge.  Does the Bible not advocate against violence?  (Probably yes, but probably no, depending on which part of the bible one reads).  I imagine the Qur’an contradicts itself as well. And I figure the Torah contradicts both.  Each of these books were written at different times with different viewpoints and

I’m glad I do not understand war, and I seek others who feel the same to open a dialogue of the people.  Perhaps we will have the power to stop the next war.

4 thoughts on “War and the Middle East

  1. I believe what is right as far as God …. is right for me. But I would not presume to try and make someone believe what I do… It’s free will and free choice for all to believe as they want. I have had many things in my life affirm to me…that God is real but if someone does not believe the same then what I might say is likely not going to make a difference. I respect anyone’s choice..and while we may have different beliefs it does not mean that we cannot have a friendship based on our likenesses instead of our differences…I think you maybe could agree with that..??

    I don’t truly understand the politics of the Middle East.. It is a long-standing issue from Biblical days and on.. I do wish as you do that the common people and not the ‘puppets’ in power could determine the course of their future. That they could decide whether they wanted wars to force their own agendas or whether they would sort the land and who actually ‘owned’ it and assign places for all to live …in peace… Diane

    1. Yes, you and I agree to disagree on some of the god issues. I’m not so much anti-god as I am anti-organized religion. It’s the crazies on both sides who insist all others are wrong and must be punished for thinking that way. Like you said, the wars in the Middle East have been going on since time began, and really, nothing has changed in the passing eons. That should tell people that it is impossible to convince someone else that your view is the right and only view.

      I must admit that I used to feel differently and was very anti-god, but believe it or not, may growing understanding of Buddhism has made me far more accepting. I figure we could all benefit from just accepting each other as they are, not as we wish them to be.

      I have always had friends who believe differently from me, and we have always gotten along despite this difference.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I value your opinion and your friendship.

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