6 thoughts on “Foggy Friday Haiku

  1. Excellent, Linda…just outstanding…both of them! ** 🙂 ** A couple of more vertical spaces between the two haiku would be helpful to prevent misreading them as a single 6-line poem, but that’s a minor point. It would be hard for me to choose which one I like best but I suppose the second one is technically the better of the two. The first haiku, in my opinion, does a better job of setting a tone but the “shopping list” of four adjectives/adverbs in L2 weaken the overall effect. In general, overloading a line with nothing but four or five adjectives/adverbs isn’t a great idea but I must say in this case you make it work!! Be proud of yourself, Linda! Ya “done” good!


    1. Each time I post a Haiku, I ask myself, “Self, why did you post that piece of drivel?”

      And each time you come back with such positive input I find it difficult to believe.

      Not that you aren’t being truthful, but that I’m not as good as you think I am. I value your opinion, though, and trust your intentions. It’s one of the things I have difficulty with: accepting praise and feeling worthy of that praise.

      I still have trouble with “I deserve to be happy.” lol

      1. Now I can tell you a little secret about my comments — I will ALWAYS comment positively if there is any merit at all to the haiku. I will NEVER comment if the haiku is, in my opinion, hopeless drivel. The principle of not saying anything if one has nothing constructive to say is akin to the Golden Rule as far as I’m concerned.

        When I can tell the Universe has given you a haiku, who am I to tell you it sucks!

        A Big Hug to One of My Favorite Aspiring Haiku Poets!


      2. Would love to meet you, too, Linda. Who knows…it could happen. 🙂 Hope so!

        You are a truly GOOD person Treat yourself accordingly, ya heah?! *grin*

        Warm Hugs,


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