And So the Story Continues

For those of you who pray, you might want to include Hometogo232, please. She is having a most difficult time right now.


I wasn’t sure if I would post anything at this point but I decided to fill any who may be interested, in the continuing story.  As some of you know I’ve been waiting and waiting for a specialist appointment regarding the issue with not sleeping. I did go to see one and he said he couldn’t do the surgery until July 2014!  After getting that news I got referred to another doctor and it turns out that he was going to be a year! They were concerned however, and said that if my doctor sent a referral to yet another ‘new ENT’ that he would see me.  This was done last Friday and as yet I haven’t heard.

In the meantime, this past Saturday …actually it was 2:00 am early Sunday morning I awoke and decided that it was the perfect time to send an email to my granddaughter to…

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