For Peace

I’ve been trying to follow the suggestion of the “Bloggers for Peace” and write something about peace each month.  I’m not very consistent yet, but, like everything else, I’m working on it.

This month we are asked to describe our Peaceful world.  I have trouble imagining a peace-filled world.  Since it is so far beyond the realm of reality, and touches on fantasy.  So, my fantasy of a peaceful world is:

Filled with people who know they are no better than anyone (1)

Filled with people with compassion.

Filled with people full of love.

A world of kindness.

A world where people care about strangers.

Sounds like the WordPress family!

Because that is what we have here on WordPress.  If we can be kind and gentle and supportive of virtual strangers online, why can’t we do that in person with everyone we meet?

I know those of us bloggers here have grand ideas for a beautiful world.  Each of us trying their best, trying to be kind, understanding, and happy.  We have a good start here.  Can we bring this gentleness and goodness to the entire world?  I’d like to think so.  I’d like to hope so.

But in the darkness of midnight, in the depths of depression, pondering the news about the latest war, I doubt. Man has been on this planet many years and history is full of war and hatred.  It seems an integral part of being human, unfortunately.  While I hope for peace, meditate on peace, and try to live a peaceful life, not everyone has evolved with similar interests.  There are people born into a family of hatred.  Others find hatred along the way.  Some even spread more hatred in the world.

forpeace6I will continue to hope for peace, but know it is truly not possible, not soon anyway.  I think we will have to evolve much more before we can all accept everyone for who they are, not who we would like them to be.

I would like people to be kind, and caring.  I would love to hear more stories of people being kind to each other instead of killing each other.  I would like a world without strife.  Without hate.  Without fear of violence.  A world of tolerance and understanding.  I would like a world of peace, but the only place I can have peace is within myself, and even that can be a battle.

12 thoughts on “For Peace

  1. I agree with your words here,, and I am inclned to bury my head into music and youtube and my guitar.. like you peace remains in my inner self and thoughts.. here i know I can find peace… 😉

  2. Linda, I just want to get out of my chair and give you a standing ovation for this marvelous post. By far and away the most well-written and positive-minded of anything you have written! Encore!!


  3. You’re right about treating everyone with kindness..what a world it would be. All we can do is try and pass it on and hope that they do… and they do and so on. That’s how my mother raised me from the very start… you know ..the golden rule Feel good about yourself Linda… because you do so much for others…. And I agree .. the worldpress family is very supportive like you said…Diane

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