Yesterday Was a BAD Day

But today was loads better.  So I won’t go into any detail about it.  I don’t really know what happened yesterday, I just had a complete emotional meltdown.  I can’t really understand why.

Son has been touchy and angry.  Part of it is Mom, who moved out of our house back to Glendale to be closer to her doctor, announced that she was moving to Colorado to stay with Husband’s brother L.  Son is furious!  He has never been angry with his grandma, but he feels as though she is abandoning him.  The thought of her dying and him not being nearby is more than he can bear.  I have a couple of misgivings myself.  So she lied to us as to her reasons for moving out.  I know things had not been easy and my suicide attempt really brought that to light for her.  I still feel if not for that episode, she would still be here.  Now she wants to go to Pueblo, Colorado.  I haven’t looked it up, but I know that’s pretty high altitude.  Mom can’t even travel to our local mountains because the air is too thin at 5000 ft.  She can no longer travel by airplane because of her heart.  The other thing is L is a great one for promises, but a bad one for coming through.  While I don’t doubt he made the offer for Mom to come live with him, I can see him coming up with excuses as the date for the move nears.

I think she would be happiest if she lived in an assisted living place near us.  I think she’s just very lonely.  We don’t get down to see Mom ca 1933her often.  Schedules just don’t allow it.  It’s not too far away, but it does take all afternoon to go down there, take her to lunch and get back home.  Sometimes I just don’t have that much time.  If she was close by we could take her to lunch or bring her over for dinner easily.  Perhaps she would be willing to consider that.  I will do a little research on some of the local assisted living apartments about pricing and present that option to her.  Personally, at this point in her life, I’m not sure why she even needs to see her doctor, but living near us would be far closer to her doctor than Colorado!

I’ve also created a couple of projects for myself.  I am trying to help out another blogger, and seriously work on my comedy.  That should be enough to get me out of bed in the morning.

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