Today Was a Good Day

Just thought I would let everyone know what a good day I had today.  Had Zumba.  Man that stuff kicks my ass!  I’m starting to have a good time doing it, though.  There’s a lot of hip shaking going on, and it feels like I might have dislocated something. LOL  My back, legs, hips are exhausted.  The girl that teaches the class is great, she’s the most upbeat person I’ve ever met, and her energy is unending.  I’m totally jealous of her grace and feel like a klutz.  When I look around at the others in the class though, I feel less clumsy…we’re all about as graceful as chimps!  LOL  But we’re all trying.

zumbaI usually take a nap after Zumba, but today I had to run some errands and didn’t get home early enough.  I hate running errands when I’m all sweaty and stinking, but I didn’t want to go home and shower and then go out again.  I can’t wait to go to bed tonight.  Everything hurts.  Not bad, but a 5 out of 10 and I wonder if it’s the fatigue, the weather or whether I should keep doing  Zumba.  But it gets me out of the house and socializing which is good.  And it keeps my body nimble…or will once my body adjusts to it (if it ever does).  My feet really hurt and I’m so happy to be sitting down right now.  It was all I could do to take my dog for a short walk tonight.

I got a letter from Social Security about my disability claim.  The letter said I had 10 days to respond to their (2nd) request for materials they needed filled out.  The only problem is I never received anything.  I did get a call a week ago asking about the last time I saw my neurologist.  I told him that I had an appointment this week.  He asked me to get a copy of the doctor’s notes to him, but that’s the only thing they’ve asked me for.  I called them and got a recording saying my rep will be out of the office until Nov. 5, so I don’t expect to hear from them until then.  I left a message saying I would send them the notes on my visit as soon as I received them, probably later this week.  I also told them I didn’t receive a request for anything else.

DI buttonsI hate the idea of getting labeled permanently disabled.  On a good day, like today I feel like I could do a lot, but I’m tired.  I know that my fatigue prevents me from working full time.  Then on a bad day I know that my mental and emotional stability is questionable to say the least.  I get the feeling though that DI wants me to be in a wheelchair before being declared disabled.  Would I have quit a great job for no reason?  I guess people do, but I’m going to lose my house and would not have left my job had I been in my right mind (whatever that is).

I’ll be glad when this is all over.  It is very stressful and I don’t deal well with stress.  They seem to be purposefully inept.  Like writing letters demanding I send them material that they never requested.  I’m hoping this will all be over by the end of the year, but it may drag out until next summer.  That makes me even more anxious.  I’m kicking myself in the ass for re-applying after my suicide attempt, but all my doctors insisted I should.  I just wish this was all over and done with.  At least today was a good day to get the letter, and not last week when things were really rough.

That’s it for today.  Just a quick note to keep you guys up to date.  Hope everyone is well.

Peace and happiness to everyone.

8 thoughts on “Today Was a Good Day

  1. So happy to hear you are feeling better… at least today and hopefully many more. These disability procedures are so tedious… You would think that if someone is away someone else would handle questions… but alas the proverbial ‘red tape’. Anyway… take care… Diane

    1. It is frustrating, but I called and they will have record of that and the fact I never received any papers to complete and give me an extension to their 10 day deadline.

      Hope you are well, my friend.

  2. i’m glad you are having a good day! so sorry this all is so stressful for you. the zumba sounds like a lot of fun and i think it is good for you to see that other’s are having a difficult time and may feel “clutsy” as well.

    hope you have many more good days

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