Son is Having a Bad Day

Which is always bad for me.  He gets so angry and negative and I just can’t be around him, let alone offer him any comfort.  I cannot fix what ails him, only he can, but he always finds something else to gripe about.  He has come to hate being around people, because so many of them have been uncaring, and mean to him.  He just came home from grandson’s school.  They got to wear their Halloween costumes to school and his got ripped beyond repair by another boy in school.  The costume lasted exactly two hours.  Now he has nothing to wear tonight trick or treating.  I feel bad, and I will take grandson to the thrift store later this afternoon to try and find him something else.  We all knew the costume would get torn, and warned grandson to be extremely careful, unfortunately as careful as he was, his playmates were not.

Well, that sort of does my day in.  Glad I see my therapist this afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Son is Having a Bad Day

  1. I’m sorry. I can relate. My kindergartener had a bad incident on the playground involving Halloween costumes. Maybe after I deal with everything I’ll blog about it. Holidays are hard in general, imo. I have to remember to go easy on myself during the holidays. Well, I hope you have a good appointment with your therapist and can somewhat enjoy Halloween with your grandson. Here’s to happier tomorrows!

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