November First

I knew it was November when I got up and the temp was 40 degrees.  I knew I was in California when the temp reached 82 this afternoon!

I had a good, if tiring day.  Still recovering from Zumba on Wednesday, today was tough.  I got up at 7:30 for Tai Chi at 8:30 after only 9 hours sleep.  I came home, did a few emails and crashed for two hours before going to the shelter today at 1:00.  I was there until 4:30, and was worn out when I left.  At least I didn’t have to come home and cook dinner; Husband brought home take out.  Can’t wait to go to bed tonight.

I am becoming happier now that I’m doing social things, even if there’s not a lot of talking, I’m with other people.   I pay the price in exhaustion and pain, but it’s worth it.  I am having a lot of issues with my ankles and walk funny by the end of the day.   My neurologist is referring me to a podiatrist as she doesn’t think the issue is due to my MS.  I hope he doesn’t tell me I have to give up any of my new found pass times.  I can just imagine him telling me to give up Tai Chi, at least, as it is really tough on the ankles (who knew?).  I’m just starting to get the hang of it and really starting to enjoy it.  But Friday’s are my toughest day, ankle-wise.  It’s about time to go ice them tonight I think.

I am starting to try to engage the other students in conversation before and after class.  Today I spoke with several who approached me to complement me on my shirt.  People always comment on this particular shirt and I think I chose it deliberately.   It was nice to talk with other people.  The other day at Zumba I had a conversation with another woman…she actually started it, but we talked about the class. She had taken Zumba elsewhere, and this was her first time in our class and afterwords I asked her how she liked it.  We spoke a few minutes after class and walked to our cars together (as it happened we were parked right next to each other).  I’m trying not to be excited that I may be making myself a friend.  My therapist was very proud of me for reaching out.

I wish you all a good night and a great weekend.

8 thoughts on “November First

  1. Great report, Linda! Thank you for taking the time, even when you’re tired, to let us know how things are going in your life. Big ol’ Texas hug! *** 🙂 ***


  2. It’s so good you’re taking some ‘me’ time… even though it is a bit tiring… Only you can know when to maybe take it a bit slow….but in view of the fact you are meeting some other women and socializing.. you probably feel right now it’s worth being a little tired… Take care of yourself… Diane

      1. It’s Wednesday but as I have an appointment with the doctor on Monday and it’s a 2 hour drive… we’re going to stay in the area rather than make extra trips… I’m not sure how much time I’ll have on computer in the next few days.. I’ll be on some though… and I always watch for your posts…. so I’ll likely be in touch… Diane

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