Today was my toughest weekday, as my Fridays have become.  Starting with Tai Chi, which is tough on my faulty ankles, but oh so enjoyable!  I hate to miss this class.  Then the dog shelter for four hours, most of it on my feet.  My feet and ankles hurt, my back is in spasm, and I’m tired, but made it through without a nap.  Yay!  Proves that last week I was fighting a bug. Tai Chi

I really feel I’m getting the hang of Tai Chi.  The instructor even mentioned I was doing very well for not having learned the short form and jumping straight to the long form.  For me, the long form is the only one I’ve ever been interested in.  And, truth be told, I didn’t even know there was a short form until I signed up for this class.  Apparently most of the others took her short form class.  She said I was keeping up with the class surprisingly well.  I know I am pleased to be catching on.  I need to practice some of the more complicated moves though.   There are some interesting twisting and turning moves that I find difficult in more ways than one.  There is no way to do the moves correctly without the specific turns required, and that means twisting the feet.  I’m only getting these moves half right, as I spend so much time watching the instructors feet, I forget what to do with my hands.   I guess I’m not very coordinated since I have the same problem with Zumba. 😀

Things are going well at the shelter.  I have already done a few doggy-people introductions, and did a return today.   The woman brought back this adorable puppy, Ryder.  He looked a lot like this dog.  I think it was a chihuahua-shiba inu mix.  A beautiful pup about a year old.   They had just adopted him a few days before and were returning him (rather angrily, I thought) for being too hyper with her other dogs.  Apparently she did not divulge she had other dogs at the time she adopted.

She immediately turned around and said she wanted a mellow dog and looked at one called Karma.  Karma is a pitt mix and just a sweet heart.   I did an introduction with just  her and the dog and it seemed to go well, except when she admitted to me that she “hates” dogs and was a “horse” person, and didn’t know why she was doing this.  At this point she admitted to having other dogs and I told her we had to do a dog-dog intro.  We’re not permitted to deal at all with what they call “dominant breeds” such as pitbulls, rottweilers, and other large dogs with powerful bites, or a reputation for being dangerous.  Silly, really, as the dog breed doesn’t really determine whether or not it is a dangerous dog.  But it’s a government facility and certain procedures have been put into place for good reason. I told her the intro had to be done by two of our more experienced handlers, since Karma is a pittie.   The lady was not pleased especially when she had to wait for them to become available.   When she at last entered the intro she had a lot of attitude and knew all about dogs (despite being a horse person).  We were all relieved when she finally left with her dog, unhappily, and (thankfully) without Karma.   The two handlers really discouraged her from adopting Karma, even though she’s been at the shelter for a while and deserves a home.  She’s a lovely dog and certainly deserved an honest and loving owner.

Not too much later I got to introduce Ryder, the shiba inu mix, to another woman.  My intro was not so difficult, and went very well.  This lady had adopted from us before and was very hip to our procedures.  After a while she asked if she could introduce Ryder to her lab mix.  We needed two handlers again, but I could participate since neither dog was considered a dominant breed.  The intro went very well and we all sat together for probably 1/2 hour before the lady said she would be back in an hour with her daughter, as the dog was really for her.  Ryder immediately came to her, and she immediately loved the dog.  A beautiful match.  As they were taking care of paperwork, another potential owner came in specifically to see him, and was disappointed to find he’d already been adopted, but was also pleased that he was going to a good home.   I then introduced him to Cookie, one of the terrier chihuahua mixes and very sweet.  I think I did all right.  No one corrected me on anything, so I guess that’s good.  I’m sure I would have been corrected had I done anything I shouldn’t have.  All in all it was a very good day.

I’m tired, but it’s a good, satisfied tired.  I didn’t get a chance to work on my novel again today, but I will try to make up for lost time over NaNoWriMothe weekend.  Husband may be gone for a few hours tomorrow and that will give me a good chance to try.  I like that I missed the fact that I didn’t get to work on my book, it means I’m actually interested in it.  Time to ice my ankles.  Glad I see the podiatrist next Tuesday.  In fact I have a doctor appointment every Tuesday this month!  It seems to happen like that, where I put things off and then end up doing everything at the end of the year.  I’ve got the podiatrist, the ophthalmologist, a mammogram, an MRI, and my thyroid check with my GP.  Such fun.  I have to drive into the city for them so I don’t schedule anything else on those days, since it’s such a long trip for me.  I actually made the appointment for the optho and mammo for the same day.  I’ll leave at 8:00 a.m. and probably get home around 4:00 p.m.

Hope I have something more interesting to share with all of you tomorrow. Maybe a little more on our corrupt government officials, or our militant police.  But for now I’ve got to go.  Will be reading everyone over the weekend!

19 thoughts on “Fridays

  1. Lol, really random but this blog reminded me so much of one of my dogs. She was also the same mix and named Cookie. I got her from a co worker. We had a pitmix at my home so I wasn’t sure how it would end up. They got a long just fine!!! Minus the fact that she ruled over my Pookie. It was hilarious. I do miss them though. We had to have them both adopted since we’ve been at the hospital now almost 8 months. They truly were family.

    1. So sad to hear you no longer have the dogs. They are such excellent therapy, and are family. I cried more about losing my two dogs, than when my father died. I was much closer to the dogs.

      1. Yes, I really did cry a lot. It hurt and I still miss him and Cookie so much. My husband used to call the pit mist Dookboy. He was literally our first child. When my first child was born he brought the diaper and wipes when it was time to change her. I still believe, even though she was really young as my husband said, that he was the reason she loves dogs and is not at all afraid of them. Cookie didn’t really pay too much attention to her, but the bigger one always protected her. The bond was amazing and now she loves dogs, the bigger the better.

  2. You really do enjoy your job at the animal shelter… so it would be so good if somehow you could get a ‘paid’ job there, it must be hard to almost not want someone to adopt one of the animals… when their whole personality doesn’t feel ‘righr’ to you…

    You seem to really be involved with the various things you have going on … so I just say ‘keep on keepin’ on’….. Diane

    1. 🙂 It’s all I can do. Though I worry I will have to give up Tai Chi, something I’ve wanted to learn all my life, but never had the chance. We’ll see what the podiatrist says about it.

  3. Hey Linda,
    you seem to enjoy yourself way more these days, so glad to hear! I know these dog people knowing everything quite well 🙂 And I think coordination is very important, it is said to prevent from mental illnesses like Alzheimer. Did you hear about it too?
    Have a great day,

    1. They say exercise is excellent for so many things; general health, mental health, and well as balance and coordination. My mental attitude has certainly begun to improve. My psychiatrist will be pleased!

      Thank you for caring. Sending you thoughts of a beautiful week!

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