The Educational System in the US (A Rant)

Recently the education system of the US was mentioned in a conversation I had with another blogger.  It got me to thinking a bit more about how screwed up our educational system is in the US.  We don’t teach our children to think.  We teach them What to Think.  Teachers don’t want the right answers to the questions, just Their answer to the question.  I I’m disgusted to learn that the same story about the Pilgrims, Paul Revere, the Mayflower, Columbus is the same drivel I was taught 40 years ago!  I imagine it was the same shit they were stuffing down the throat of my grandmother in 1900.  With all we have uncovered about the truths of these events, they still teach the “traditional” BS.  I can’t imagine what sort of crap we’re trying to teach our college students.  From the state of things we’re teaching them not to care about others, and only about how to make money with hedge funds!

I know that I learned more about the world and the truth about history years after I graduated high school.  My jr. college was a little better, but by then I’d been out in the world for 15 years or more.  Now you can turn on the History Channel and in one hour learn more about Columbus than you ever learned in 12 years or more of school.

College is all people care about.  You must have a college degree to be successful.  What about people who work in construction, roads, houses, or anything else needing to be built.  Does a painter really need a degree to be successful?  Would a degree have gotten me a better paying job?  Yes, it would have, and not having a degree has caused me to miss out on some very good jobs.  Why?  Why does a piece of paper which shows you can apply yourself to learning by rote make a difference?  I remember one job I had for 10 years, and I could not get more money, I was told, because I didn’t have a degree.  This was at a company fully owned by the man who started working there 25 years prior as a gopher!  He didn’t have a degree, yet he wouldn’t pay me as much as those in the office with a degree.  One of them had a degree in ART.  Not that a degree in art is easy, but what the hell did it have to do office work?  This other woman did the same thing I did at the beginning, then she got opportunities that weren’t offered to me.  I eventually ran the entire operation and still got paid less than she did.  Sure it’s a bad idea to know what other people in your office are being paid, but we girls talked.  She agreed that she had better pay and opportunities than I did and felt I was being mistreated too.

Now it’s practically impossible to get even a cashiering job without a fricking degree!  My son is looking for a career.  He has a high school diploma and is not interested in spending 4 years getting a bachelor’s degree.  I went back to school in my late 20s and it took nearly 15 years just to almost get an Associates Degree, which counts for nothing today.  Son has looked at the less conventional jobs, going to a technical school, or just learning a good trade, like X-ray technician or medical records clerk.  But these don’t really interest him, and since he has the luxury of choosing…well, he’s being choosy.  He considered being a chef.  He loves to cook and bake and is very good without recipes and altering existing recipes.  Then he watched the Anthony Bourdaine program where he got to see what a chef really does.  He was totally turned off by it, way too stressful, when all he wants to do is cook.

Some of our most educated people are running my country and look at the state we’re in!  A bunch of money grubbing, ungrateful, selfish, compassionless, heartless bastards.  Is that what our educational system turns out?  Is that what we want for our country?  A bunch of greedy, uncaring bastards interested only in the almighty dollar and a conviction that they are correct because they have a degree?

Doctors and nurses are becoming rare.  Doctors find their hands tied by the insurance and drug companies, and unable to pay their college loans of $100,000!  People don’t want to become nurses because they are underpaid and under-appreciated.  Nurses get yelled at by doctors, families and patients.  The only ones that have it worse than nurses are the nurses aids.  For $9 an hour you are on your feet for 12 solid hours, torn between helping the naked patient back to bed, feeding the woman who can’t move her hands, or taking the new patient’s vitals, all the while getting yelled at by the nurses, other patients and a patient’s family.  Not to mention trying to log in all the information in each of 12 patients’ charts.  (I know, I worked as a nurses aide.)

In a nutshell, we need the lesser educated people to fill so many niches, but fewer and fewer as factory jobs have been sent overseas for cheaper labor (i.e.; child labor and piecework).  It’s a shame and a disgrace that just because some of us haven’t the opportunity to go to college we have become not second class citizens, but third class citizens without unions to represent us, without government support that we paid into for when our job is outsourced.  There are a lot of things wrong in the US, but a lot of it can be repaired if we properly teach our children.  Teach them the truth about how our country was really founded.  Teach them to think for themselves.  Teach them to care about the less fortunate.  Teach them the things that matter.

You may say, well that’s the job of the family.  And I would agree, but parents have been taught by the same broken system.

17 thoughts on “The Educational System in the US (A Rant)

  1. I have never visited US and don’t know, how the schools are running, but one thing, we admire in US from Europe, is that americans are very good to stand up and talk for an audience. Only in private schools here, this will be teached the children.
    Education is the way for evolution, in one or another way. When we are in the process of learning, we become more open to learn from everyone and to learn from the World. The process are very important for all of us. I was a teacher once and have taught my kids the same. One has a Master Degree and the other a practical education as a Gardener. Both did grow mentally, while they studied, which I feel grateful about.
    Thanks for sharing. We may learn every day, otherwise we stop growing.

  2. I know just recently we were questioning everyone…parents ..teachers having the view that going to college/university is the way to go… People to go into trades are so necessary …carpentry,electricians, construction jobs etc. I know even in the news they are saying this. One of our grandsons decided to go into carpentry and he is so happy he did. I believe more would consider it but for the emphasis on that ‘degree’ in business, law etc etc. And by the way it pays quite well.

    Would your son consider some aspect of the trades…. and perhaps he could even get some assistance with the necessary training… just a thought Diane

    1. He hasn’t shown any interest in the construction trades, but he maybe just hasn’t thought about it. We will always need people in the trades, and right now there is a glut of unemployed lawyers and business majors. So much for that degree. Sad.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with this. Got no answers, though. My husband and I were both unconventional learners and didn’t really fit the mold for college. I dropped out my first go-around and through sheer luck happened into the working world when the economy was better than it is now. I was young and gaining valuable experience but like you said, I was often dismissed and overlooked because I lacked a degree. It was demoralizing and I always felt less than. I did finally go back and finish my degree, and while I’m happy that I had the opportunity, I don’t have much to show for it other than a truckload of student loans. I’m sorry your son is having a hard time. My hope is that the necessity for a college education is fading. There are numerous ways to be educated. Employers need to recognize this and open their eyes. Talent and ingenuity are all around, and often the brightest don’t have the coveted “degree.” Give them a chance.

    1. Thanks for the support. I do wish I had the answers on how to fix the system. Even if I did no one would listen. Just now on the news there is a kid in trouble at school because his hairstyle is “against the rules” Sounds like the 60s! The schools regulate how we think, how we dress and now how we wear our hair. Ridiculous and aggravating!

    1. Yes, we won’t try to help the one kid that needs the extra help, we’ll just bring everyone down to the same level. Because all children learn at the same pace, right? So all 8 year olds belong in 3rd grade. Why is it based on age? Why not put kids in the class level that they are at?

      Absolutely agree with your link! Yes, I use algebra every day working as a barrista,. 🙂

  4. Hey Linda,
    Don’t Want to deceive you but I know many of the problems you are describing from German education too. Have you read about bagebeyous on my blog?
    Have a great day,

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