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How people treat their pets.  Not with love, but neglect. Sometimes out of ignorance, often for lack of funds.

I’m not going to chastise anyone for how they (mis)treat their animals.  At least not those who neglect their animals due to lack of funds.  There is a charity out there called Save U.S. Pets.  This charity fills this need.  Funds donated to Save U.S. Pets goes to pay veterinarian bills for those in need.  (For more information go to:

We recently had an owner give up their 8 year old dog.  I’ve only been doing this a little while, but I’ve never seen a pup in that condition; her eyes goopy and barely open, terrible infections in both ears, and a fatty tumor on her back, and a little overweight.  This is part of an email I received today on our Sally: 

“The vet looked at her and this is a summary of what he found:

  • Surgery needed on both eyes
  • Dry eyes.  She will need 3 meds twice per day: Cyclosporine (in refrig), BNP, and Genteal (in the HT closet). I added a medical form to have meds administered. Please wipe her eyes with a warm wash cloth to get all the goop off and then put the Genteal then add in the next two meds about a 1/2 later.
  • Severely infected ears.  She is on 3000mg of cephalexon (1000mg 3 times daily) – Staff to administer meds
  • A large fatty lipoma – Can be removed with surgery
  • Needs a dental
  • Waiving her spay due to her size…the surgery would be very risky and recovery tough.
  • She stinks mainly due to her ears, but the vet wants her to have a weekly Ketochlor bath. I would like to set up for SUNDAY if one of you are up for bathing her…she is a lot of dog!  Brought back another gallon of Ketochlor (other jug almost gone)-put under sink.
  • She needs to lose 15 pounds-put her on 1 1/2 cups of Kirkland weight loss kibble TWICE daily.
She is a delightful girl, very good at the vet with all they had to do.  Please make her acquaintance, let’s get her made over,  and ready to go to hopefully her forever home!”

There is no way for us to know if the owners were ignorant or evil. They said it was lack of funds, and that may be true.  I’m glad there is a charity out there to help, that’s why I’m posting this, to let people know of this.  I didn’t search, but there may be more.  I thought you guys might help me spread the information and my own plea.

Please pet owners or potential owners; you need to know how to care for a pet.  Pets get sick and need medical care, sometimes very expensive care like surgeries.  You need to be able to afford healthy food and proper medical care, and if you can’t, try to find a charity to help you before you just give up your family member to the shelter.  You need to know what kind of puppy yours will grow to be.  How big, how active, general temperament.  These are important.  One family recently gave up a beautiful (100 lb) German shepherd.  He had gotten too big for them.  If that is true, and with the size of the dog I can see it, but most German shepherds grow to be fairly large dogs.  You should know that before you adopt a dog.

And about that: don’t go to the mall pet stores, please!  This is where most people run into trouble with their adoptions.  You fall in love with that adorable fuzzy puppy, but all the store clerk knows about the dog is it’s breed name.  Just enough to tell you it’s a Shar pei.  Shar pei are a fighting breed.  They can be stubborn, strong-willed and very territorial  Proper training can help control these traits before they become problem behaviors.  As a breed they are subject to fevers and renal failure. They can reach 50 lbs.  As you can see, it is unlikely that everyone knows this about the Shar pei.  I knew something about them when I started this post, and I still had to look up a lot of info.  Something everyone should do before they adopt.

Instead, adopt your dog from your local shelter.  There are plenty of wonderful pets in the shelters.  (Cats as well, but I don’t know much about cats.)  Many times the dogs have been there for a while and their handlers get to know them.  They are often knowledgeable about breeds, at least enough to have an idea of what you have to expect of your dog.  And remember a dog isn’t mature at 1 year–he’s still a puppy and may still have accidents indoors, he may nibble things like your Stilettos, or dig up your rose bushes, that’s no reason to bring him back to the shelter like a dress that didn’t fit.  Know what you’re getting into before you decide to adopt, it’s better for you and so much better for your pet.

I’m learning a lot about dogs.  I had three of them get away from me yesterday.  Lucikly the first one came to me when I called her, and the other two did not get far before we caught them.  It was totally careless of me, and I feel bad.  I feel a little better knowing the pair had gotten out earlier in the day after their kennel wasn’t properly locked.  These are old, hard used locks, often needing replacement as they don’t all lock well.  Replacing a lock requires you wait out the red tape of ordering and paying for such a thing.  Still, I don’t think I can work with the younger dogs.  They are just too energetic and slick for me.

9 thoughts on “Stuff on My Mind

  1. I so hate when animals/pets are neglected or abused. If there are physical issues because of financial difficulties… that is the time to ask for help… and often ‘seniors’ have limited resources… But to allow eyes to be running and sticking when even some care with compresses etc. would help is not necessary. Thank goodness there is at least some shelters etc. for some of those in distress… Diane

    1. I’ve only been a volunteer for a month and I’ve seen several like this, though this is the worst. Makes me believe there is a lot more need for a charity program to include pet owners who find they can not afford proper medical care.

      I have no tolerance though for cases of outright neglect or abuse. Educate yourself if you’re going to take an animal into your home. That’s all I ask of people.

  2. Thanks for your view at our animals. It is so important to know, what we are doing, when we say yes to a dog, no matter the size and temper. Many people fall in love with a dog without having the needed knowledge, which is very sad.
    I have had German Shepherds several times in my life and know, they are very energic and become large dogs. They need a good leader to show them how to behave. Learn fast and love to work.
    In the spring we talked about adopting a dog, but we have 2 old cats at 10 years as are very scared for dogs, because of bad experiences earlier. That is why we decided to adopt a puppy, so the cats could learn the puppy to know early and help us racing him in the good way.
    Now our puppy is 10 month and respect cats in the good way.
    We found a puppy mixed by German Shepherd, Labrador and something else. He is now around the 40 kg and are still growing. He is a wonderful puppy, and I use around 2 hours for walking with him daily and training in the same time. We have also needed to use a lot of money for him with visits at the vet.
    You are so right, it is very important to have the knowledge, before we just take home a new dog.
    We choosed a puppy, because we could not know, how a shelter dog would react to our old cats.
    Thank you for using your time to help some animals too.

    1. Thank you Irene. I find myself getting very involved in the animals. I don’t know how long I might be doing this for, but for now it is an important part of my life. I’m happy you figured out a way to introduce a dog to your cats!

    1. Oh, I hope you find something like this and find it as rewarding as I do. I can even do additional training so I can take home sick and injured dogs to care for them until they are well enough to be put into general population. I don’t think I can do this with my current dogs, however.

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