Things on My Mind

Things continue to go well and I find I have little to blog about.  There are still issues with motivation and time.  I find I never have time to work on my novel.  Or am I just avoiding it? I still have notes to go through and I’m 3/4 the way finished.  So close, and yet so far.  I planned to work on it every day last week, and every day since November, but always run out of time.  There’s really nothing to be done except write.

I also have a lot of work to do on my genealogy that I keep putting off and I don’t know genealogywhy.  I really want to get this done.  It’s a lot of work too.  Maybe that’s why I’m avoiding it.  I have both sides of my husband’s family to write out.  When I go generation by generation I find errors and missing information and love to work on getting that corrected and completed.  Maybe I’m a little bored and disappointed with being unable to find real personal information.  I did find an interesting tidbit about one of husband’s great grandfather where he attempted suicide.  Husband does not believe that it is the right man, but the limited details of the tiny article match up with the information I have.  Those are the stories I want to know.  I want to find the details of when one of husband’s great grandads and grand uncles when they went to Colorado during a silver mining boom.  Where did they live?  Did they work for one of the big mining companies, or for themselves?  Those are the stories that give our ancestors life.  Without that all you have are names and dates and places.  That’s where the real work comes in.  Work I cannot do, because I don’t have the funds to travel to Colorado and study their historical records since most of those kinds of records are not available on line.

 Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

It seems I need more discipline and stick to a schedule so I’m working on that.  I now have signed up for two Zumba classes, plus my Tai Chi, and volunteer at the shelter.  I also am trying to go to the Buddhist Center to their noon meditation classes.  I want to go at least twice a week.  I’m not buying into the entire Buddhist take at this particular center, but I find going to the meditation helps to center me.  When I walked away from Buddhism completely for its “religious” nature, I found myself floundering.  My idea of Buddhism does not match that of this particular center, but that’s ok.  I don’t have to buy into their version.  For me Buddhism is about being a good person, treating other people kindly, and being grateful and humble.  That is the basic roots of it, from what I have read, and I have read quite a lot, but mostly the Dalai Lama.  So I guess I’m more into the Tibetan Buddhism (but without the belief of being born again and again) and less the Tushita Kadampa version practiced here in town.

Of course, then there is my online jewelry site.  I have to take more pictures of my jewelry

Turquoise shard wire ring
Turquoise shard wire ring

and get those posted.  That’s a lot of work and I know I’m avoiding that because it is a lot of work.  I also have clay figures I used to make.  I find them cute and funny and think other people would enjoy them as well.  I can have another ‘department’ on my page, so I wouldn’t have to mix up the jewelry with the clay stuff and the name of my shop (LSJayHandmade) would still be appropriate.  (  I realize that I need to keep advertising, perhaps every two months or so for a year or more.  I bought some advertisement space, but never did see it on the site, which was really frustrating and disappointing.  I never had the time to look(ed) into it and didn’t contact the site manager about it.  I kick myself over that, but am trying not to fret about things in the past.  But I’m afraid I wasted my money on the first ad.  I will be more careful on my second ad and find out how I can view it.  I should also invest in some ad time on my Facebook jewelry page (

Then I need to have the time to promote civil/lgbt/human rights, the legalization of marijuana, and reducing mandatory minimums for non-violent offenses.  It’s too easy for cops to bust the stoner for paraphernalia, or arrest the crack addict for having $20 rock of crack.  Hey, here’s an idea, how about cops bust the meth manufacturers and give ‘fix-it’ tickets for minor drug infractions instead of 10 years in jail, they don’t need to go to jail, but need to go to rehab for 6 months or they get some sort of fine?  Why not treat people kelly thomas(esp. drug addicts, mentally unstable) like people  instead of criminals?  I know, radical thinking here.  We would need to retrain US cops (perhaps they won’t kill you for being a homeless schizophrenic drug addicts (  Of course, this would mean we need more therapists and drug counselors, and many more (affordable) rehab facilities.  Well, would you look at that Congress, I just created thousands of new jobs!

13 thoughts on “Things on My Mind

  1. I got tired just reading about what you want to accomplish…. I didn’t read though when you’re going to make sure and get some rest…. Just don’t overdo it ! But it sounds like you enjoy being active and maybe for you, that’s what you need….!!… Diane xoxo

    1. I find keeping busy is good for me. My classes make me get out and mingle with other people. The things I do for myself are the things I find hardest to find the time to do. The things to do for others I am learning to do in my time, not theirs.

      Thanks as always for dropping by.

    1. I think that’s why I wrote it out in a blog. Put it all in front of me and see what I’ve got going on. Is it really too much? I feel better and even got some genealogy done last night. I’m also putting a time limit to post on FB. I was working on my jewelry site today. I may just “assign” a day to do each of these things.

    1. The good thing is, very little of it has any time limits so I can work as quickly or as slowly as I want. I didn’t even mention the time I ‘waste’ doing the 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles I got for Christmas. lol

  2. Wow, that’s a lot! I’m so happy you’re feeling good, but I’m going to have to echo writerwannabe763, try not to overdo it! I have to tell myself the same thing. I love that ring, by the way. Continued good vibes to you, and try not to stress about blogging or feeling like you have nothing to blog about. I’ve had to realize, the blog will always be here when I need it.

    1. I didn’t realize that was a lot of things to do. lol Guess I’m still used to spending 8 hrs at work plus a 3-hour commute and still doing all these things! Seems I’ve got to be doing something or I feel I am ‘wasting’ precious time.

      My blog and my jewelry are the only items I feel really obligated to keep up with. My blog, for my few readers, and my jewelry site for the expense (I just ordered business cards from

      I do want to finish the family genealogy so I can get everything printed and organized and quit the monthly payment to

      Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  3. Great post, Linda! Most of us lead busy, busy lives…and you lead the pack! I know how frustrating it must be to have so many interests and not be able to carry through on all of them at once. I echo many of the other comments concerning paying attention to your health and urge you to focus on one interest at a time. Take care of YOU and the rest will fall into place. ((hugs))


    1. I think I’m learning to self-limit and not put too much stress on these things. They are mostly things I want to do and enjoy doing. Plus I know that aside from a couple exceptions there is nothing I’m doing with time limitations and deadlines. I haven’t even mentioned spending time doing house cleaning, laundry and my 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles. LOL And my jewelry is all in photographing and posting the pieces. They’re all already made. Turns out making them is the easiest part.

      I do find that if I keep time limits off myself I enjoy doing all of these things and they all help me feel better, especially my classes.

      Love ya!


  4. Look at you! I never imagined you had so much going on. I really can relate to much of it, though you seem to be more involved than me, with your visits to meditate and the volunteering and the activism. Jewelry, how wonderful! The genealogy is always fascinating to me. I just read Angle of Repose, by Wallace Stegner, and it’s a man’s attempt to piece together the story behind the facts he knows of his grandmother and grandfather. I loved it so much.

    I, too, carry lists of what I am not accomplishing in my head. I feel always disappointed in myself for not doing more. But if I could look at it from another direction: I do a lot of stuff! As long as I forget what wasn’t done, and just look at what is done, I’m above average in accomplishing things, as you are. This was a good reminder. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your beautiful comments. I need to learn to slow down. I have the rest of my life to accomplish everything. I don’t need to do it all at once. But that is very hard. I still need to make my mark somewhere in this world.

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