Tonight my son was looking through his new telescope at the moon and whatnot, when he came upon a UFO.  I know what you’re going to say.  It’s a plane, a blimp, a balloon.  But this was unlike anything I’d ever seen before, whether it was a natural phenomenon or an alien ship.  I have seen UFOs before, but it was a widely seen event and made it on TV and all the UFO programs still mention it, but this was really weird.  Here’s video of it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Bh7j7JPvbU (I’d post the vid here, but don’t really know how.  Anyway, the computer tells me it can’t.)

That’s my grandson talking.  He was quite excited to see a UFO at the tender age of 10, and was chattering non-stop.

What do you guys think?


23 thoughts on “UFOs

    1. I haven’t seen anything in the news, so it would seem we are the only ones that saw it. It’s too bad we couldn’t get better video on the camera. You could see it quite well through the telescope.

      His voice does sound cute on the video, but man he got so het up about it, he was downright annoying eventually. lol

  1. It looks like a butterfly’s movements. Hard to see how big it was? It could have been miles away, hopefully not as that could mean it is a giant butterfly which is pretty scary!

    1. It was as far away as a star and while you could see it with the naked eye, we couldn’t really tell it wasn’t a star or a planet, except son knows the sky pretty well and couldn’t figure out what planet it could bee and looked at it through a telescope. It didn’t look like any butterfly I’ve ever seen. lol

      1. Thanks to another blogger we found out it is called a Scintillating Star. I thought all stars were scintillating, but I guess these shine a bit brighter and change colors. Never seen one before. And since it was in almost the same place last night, I think the mystery is solved.

  2. The best part of this video was hearing the excitement of your grandson! His vocabulary is terrific.
    It made me think of a lazer or mulitple colored lazers. Did you find anything out?

    1. Yes, thanks to another blogger we found out it is called a Scintillating Star which apparently is brighter than other stars and changes colors due to atmospheric conditions. I’d never heard of a Scintillating Star and certainly never seen one and we’ve been watching the sky for years.

    1. I love that we have a recording of this star. I guess it will continue to be ‘scintillating’ until the weather changes next week. It’s supposed to cool down and hopefully rain. (And it’s nice to have a little snippet of grandson’s voice for posterity.)

    2. It’s cool that we have recorded this ‘scintillating’ star, because I guess it won’t be so bright and colorful when the weather changes. Hopefully we will be having cooler weather and rain. (It is nice to have a snippet of grandson’s voice at this age.)

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