Weird Eye Problems

Been having weird sensations in my eyes.  Behind my eyes.  Its been coming and going for a few years, but usually it’s transitory and brief.  But over the last month the sensation has been more and more frequent and will last hours, and now today, it’s bothered me all day.  If I hadn’t just had an eye exam, I’d go to the eye doctor.  Since it is something that has been coming on for years, and is now worse, I’m pretty certain it’s MS.  The question is do I bother with the neurologist?  I doubt there is anything that can be done.  Image

And I can’t even adequately describe what is happening, or what this feels like.  There is a tightness between my eyes, but behind them.  I know it’s not optic neuritis (a fairly common MS symptom), since this isn’t as painful as ON is said to be.  It doesn’t hurt when I move my eyes.  I can only say it is sort of a dizziness in and behind my eyes.  Not that my eyes are moving beyond my control, and not the vertigo common with ear infections and the like.  But as if the part of my brain the operates my eyes is spinning to the right.  Is that not one of the oddest things?  I don’t have any major issues with blurry vision or severe pain, but when it’s bad it’s not exactly comfortable and can stop me in my tracks.

visionI guess a check up with my neuro is in order.  I know though that she’s going to refer me to a neurological ophthalmologist, so that means two trips into the city and I’m already going down on the 27th for my annual MRI.  I’m thinking of putting off calling my neuro until she has the results of the MRI.  I suppose there may be something there that will explain this.  Perhaps I can call her and ask to get the optho referral outright.

Then there’s the idea that this may be something that requires another medication and I am not interested in adding to my medicine cabinet.  I already take three antidepressants and two meds for the MS.  I used to take injections as well, but stopped those about 8 months ago for a number of reasons, but never told my doctor. 

Yeah, I know.  This is possibly my vision we’re talking about here.  Better call the doc.

20 thoughts on “Weird Eye Problems

  1. Yes,,,,you better go see your doctor…either you Neuro or the Eye/Neuro… I love the way you know what you should do by the end of the post… You can probably imagine your readers and what they’ll say….. Diane

  2. After my dad passed away my mum had problems with her sight. She said it was like looking through a jigsaw puzzle with bits missing. This lasted several weeks and a number of hospital visits and Neurology tests. I don’t recall her having any extra medication. She did have to rest her eyes, no reading or watching tv. It was MS related made worse by stress. This was 19 years ago and as far as I am aware has not troubled her since.

    i hope your eye problem is easily resolved.

    1. Me too. Although I have no real vision issues, so I am lucky, I am growing concerned with how this problem has gotten worse recently. And I can’t say I’m terribly stressed at this time. Resting my eyes seems a good idea.

  3. That was a good excercise to write it all down in this post because by the end it made sense to you to call the doc! I too hate having to call the doc and having to add to my daily cocktail of meds, but in the end we know we gotta do it. 😦

  4. I get the absolute same thing! It is so much worse when I am stressed, burnt out, tired or fighting off something. I don’t know how to describe it either than being dizzy in the eyes without being dizzy! Bless you and feel better!

      1. I’m so glad (well not really glad) but it’s so nice to have someone understand that bizarre feeling. I’m glad I was able to describe it enough for someone else to get it.

        Sending you thoughts of gratitude and health.

  5. I talked to my mum about this yesterday, she said she had optic neuritis which is a common early sign of MS. Fatigue plays a big part in the problems she experiences,
    I mentioned what you have been experiencing and she agreed that you really should see your Doctor,

    1. Thank you for your concern. I forgot to call on Friday (my busy day) but I will call on Monday. I am usually able to get in fairly quickly. But I hate to go when the symptom isn’t active, and I’ve been fine most of today. Still, I know I should go.

  6. And when you go, do tell the doc you stopped the injections. They can’t make you take anything, right? It’s your life. I just think they need to know what you have decided to do.

    I can’t stand going to the doctor. Bravo to you for being able to take that on, with everything else. You are a strong woman.

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