Balboa Park

We went to Balboa Park in San Diego in December.  We stayed in the Gas Lamp District.  Both places have some spectacular architecture, so I tried out my camera for the first time. I am encouraged by comments on my last post, here are some of the results:

One of the beautiful churches in Balboa Park. The details of these churches are amazing.


I had fun trying various angles. I like this one.


Here is a close up of some of the beautiful sculpture-like facades.











I couldn’t get the shot I wanted, I guess I’d need a wide-angle lens to get both buildings. But you can’t deny the buildings are beautiful.










A closer look at the turret-like structures on the buildings.









The facade of one of the historic buildings in the Gas Lamp District.









Details of another building in the Gas Lamp District.







We had a great mini-vacation in San Diego.  Our time in Balboa Park was exhausting.  We couldn’t see everything we wanted in one day, but it was all we had.  Unfortunately the artisans area was quite empty.  I would’ve loved to have been able to enter the churches.  I’m sure they are amazing inside, but the doors were locked.  When I was a child churches left their doors open at night, but I guess those times are long gone.  (sigh)

I wouldn’t recommend staying in the Gas Lamp district unless you like clubs and drinking, because that’s about the only businesses open.  There are quite a few homeless people visible, and I didn’t feel particularly safe walking down the street at night.  It may be perfectly safe, but I didn’t feel so.  I never saw a police car in the three days we were there.  It is worth a visit though, just to see the buildings.  I don’t have the skill to do justice to the beauty of them.

I hope you enjoyed my mini-travelogue of some of the things to see in San Diego. 🙂  If you do architectural photography I highly recommend a trip.  If you have the pull, maybe you can get photos of the inside of some of the buildings or churches.



7 thoughts on “Balboa Park

  1. Ooooh! Some really nice shots, Linda. Would love to see the Balboa Park area for myself but doubt if we’ll ever get the chance. Thanks for giving us a peek at a lovely place!


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