Retirement and Moving

We have come to terms about losing the house and have decided we will not move to Washington state.  We’ve decided it is too far away from son and grandson.  We’ve decided though, to live in a city; the city where my husband grew up and where he still has a number of friends.

My husband plans to partially retire this year after he turns 63 in May.  He can collect social security then, and still work (as long as he doesn’t make too much).  It’s a scary prospect, this move.  Out of 35 years of marriage we’ve only been just the two of us for 3!  LB

My fears abound with this move.  All the worries.  What if we suffer from empty nest?  Hopefully we will still live near to our son and that won’t be bad.  What if we get on each other’s nerves?  Never mind ‘what if’ — what will happen when we DO annoy each other?  It wasn’t long ago I was certain I was going to leave my marriage and my family.  I worry that when its just the two of us, some things will come to the surface that have been long buried.

Then there’s helping our son get settled somewhere.  I already know he would prefer to stay in this area, but he won’t be able to afford anything by himself.  It’s just too pricy.  I would prefer, and hope he will agree, to move into the city with us, at least for a while.  Not living with us, but he could afford a small studio on his own, even if he needs some help with groceries or gas.  We still have money left over from my catch-up disability pay, which we will use to make all the deposits and get utilities turned on for us and our son.

I will be going on Medicare in July, so our move will take place after that.  Husband will be 63 in May, and start working part time where he works now, and then when we move, he will find something in the city.  We will need to get him on ObamaCare for a couple of years until he can get Medicare, I hope it’s not too expensive.  I will need to start looking into it.

MS logoThen with me going on Medicare and moving, I will need to change doctors.  That will be hard.  I’ve had the same neurologist for 7 years.  I really love my therapist, and I know a good psychiatrist can be hard to find.  I will ask each for referrals if they have any, but this whole thing will be a huge change.  Then there’s the issue of what Medicare will cover.  It is important for my disability that I keep seeing my specialists on a regular basis, so establishing myself with new docs is important and uppermost in my mind.

I like the idea of living in the city at this age, with everything close by.  Plenty of bus and train service, so there will be little driving.  We will be able to give one of our cars to son.  There is an active artist community where we will be living, so that is exciting.  Plus the comedy playhouses will be an easy drive for me and I can delve into stand up more easily.  I plan to find a Zumba class and maybe Tai Chi, as well as a comedy outlet.  I do  worry though that all my new independence will wither with the constant oversight of husband.  That he won’t like me doing comedy or doing anything without him.

zumbaSo, that gives me about 6 months to finish my novel.  It hasn’t been going too well the past week or so, though I worked on it today, I’m only at 27,200 words.  Past the midway point, though, and things are moving in the right direction.  My antagonist is moving on my main character, and my main character, Zeke, is starting to realize what he’s up against.  There are still a couple big scenes to work out, but I do have the ending fairly well thought out.

I just need to discipline myself to write every single day.  It’s so easy to come on here and read all these interesting blogs about fascinating things and amazing people.   There are so many great blogs; too many for me to read, and far too many to comment on each.  And then I will need to keep blogging about the move and getting settled, but I feel it coming to an end this year, though that’s a long ways off yet.

I’ve been pretty good about staying off Facebook, which is one huge time suck, for very little DSCF4215reward.  I do use it to push my jewelry, but I try to stay off it otherwise.  I do have 245 followers of my jewelry page, so that’s something I want to keep working on, but if I don’t have a single sale by the end of this year, I will close up shop and donate my jewelry somewhere or something.

I never thought my life would change so much at this point.  It’s all becoming very good and I don’t want to upset the apple cart.


13 thoughts on “Retirement and Moving

  1. It’s so good not only that you have a plan but that you’re so looking forward to it. I’m sure your doctors will have referrals for you. And I think your son will have more incentive to start a new phase in is life with his son. I think he’s too used to having everything looked after for him… and maybe it will spur him on to make plans of his own…. So get working on that book…. !!! Diane

    1. Thanks for your support. It is our hope as well, that this will light a fire under son and give him incentive to make substantial changes in his life. The city we will be moving to will cut his drive to and from his ex’s by an hour. You’d think that would be incentive enough.

  2. Don’t give up on your jewellery! My business took years to finally ‘take off’. Have you considered blogging about that? How you make things, how you choose things etc… ?

  3. wow i am exhausted just reading this:) so just prepare the best you can and trust that you will be able to handle the unexpected. you seem to be anticipating a lot of problems which may never come to pass. it may help to know that your husband will be eligible i believe. change is tough but you are up for it!

    1. SO wonderful to hear from you! Thanks for dropping in. I am anticipating problems, but I suppose better to be prepared than surprised. It looks like Husband will have no problems with retirement. He’ll get Social Security and be able to work part time. He also has a pension, so that’s a little more money than we thought we would have. We are growing excited about moving. But we’ve got lot’s to do, furniture and nic nacs to sell. Husband also has his record album and comic book collections to sell.

      1. i would do just about anything to avoid moving again! sounds like you up for this adventure and i have to say i am so proud of the growth i have seen in you over the past year:) all i can say is good for you and you go girl!!

        big hugs

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