Recently Added

I just recently added some new jewelry to my site:

I don’t use precious metals or stones, but I do work mainly with natural and semi precious stones (like turquoise and garnet) which makes them extremely affordable.  Mostly I make them because it’s fun and the results are pretty to wear.  Enjoy.  I’m off to meditation class and be working on my novel when I come back.  Will check in again tomorrow.

Vintage imitation pearl and gold
Turquoise on gold wire
Gold, silver and copper wire ring.
Silver and copper ring with black ceramic disc
Silver wire and jasper stone ring
Silver wire with blue crystal cube and small garnets


Vintage imitation pears and opaque pink bead earrings.


14 thoughts on “Recently Added

  1. Stunning creations, Linda!! Wow! And the first “Vintage imitation pears” I’d ever seen! They’re rounder than REAL pears but I like them a lot! Excellent work.

    1. I’ve taken to wearing some every time I go out, hoping someone would comment on them and I can hand them my business cards. So far no one has said anything. I may see if I can just put some of my cards in local stores.

      1. Go for it… but I still believe in the home ‘party’ … There may be reasons you don’t want to do that though….. you could have the first one if you don’t know anyone that would have one for you….. People need to see how pretty it is … Diane

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