15 thoughts on “Haiku for Sandra

    1. Thank you so much. I know you say that from the heart. Luckily I was not close to Sandra, so I don’t feel her loss like my son does. He’s visibly understandably upset, and that hurts me more than anything.

      (Sorry about my earlier response. Don’t know what possessed me to respond like that.)

  1. Linda … my mind is in one of those ‘blank’ states.. I am trying to remember ‘Sandra’… I know you’ve had a lot of people that you knew or were close to that have passed away… but as I said my mind is drawing a blank right now…. but it is very sad … Diane

      1. I never mentioned her name before. With time we will all recover. It’s more the fact that we didn’t get to see her before she died as she lived on the other side of Texas.

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