I am trying to remember to be grateful for all I have every day.  Today I am grateful for Stacy, my Zumba teacher.  She’s amazing.  I wish I had half her energy!  She is always bright and cheery, and very encouraging to her students–a bunch of old clumsy farts like me. LOLImage

I am grateful to Stella, my Tai Chi teacher.  I have learned a lot from her gentle patience.  Even though it saddens me, I will have to discontinue my lessons due to the problems in my ankles, but I will hold out through one more 8 week session.  I love doing it and am starting to understand the flow of the movements.  Maybe I will be able to continue to do some Tai Chi, just not the Long Form (108 moves) I am learning now (the ones you see people doing in the parks).

I am grateful for the drugs that are available to help me with the pain of MS and aiding me in conquering my chronic depression.  I am glad the medicines are available, and that I have some that work for me, with minimal side effects.  Though there is nothing to help my memory problems, the removal of the stress of work, I no longer have to worry so much about dates and times and things I must accomplish, and for that I am grateful.  I am grateful to my doctors, and my therapist for helping me find my way.

I am grateful for my computer.  It puts me in touch with the rest of the world and lets me try on my ‘new’ emerging personality.  I get to ‘meet’ exciting and interesting people, who teach me so much about myself, and my world, as well as theirs.  My computer allows me to reach an audience for my writing DSC09326and my other creative side; making jewelry.  It may even allow me to eventually bring in some income.

I am grateful for my ankle braces which I have begun to wear again.  My ankles continue to bother me, and I am going to have to give up some of my exercise programs, which I do not want to do.  So the braces support my ankles and allow me to keep going a bit longer.  At least until June when we are planning to move.Image

I am grateful to the world, for providing me with 80 degree days in February and beautiful oaks to rest under!  I wish it would rain-we need it, but I love this weather!  We keep waiting for it to end, but it started in January and just kept going.  We could have a very hot summer ahead of us, but for now the weather could not be nicer in my part of the world.  I am also extremely grateful that I do not live in the Eastern US where they are having record snow and cold.

I am grateful to my many followers and friends here at WordPress.  I have learned a lot from them, and hope I have brought something into their lives as well.  You have helped me on my journey of self discovery and spiritual growth.  I have had such warm and loving support, it is too bad I will likely never meet any of you.  But know that I will always be grateful to you for being there when I most needed support.

ImageI am grateful to have two wonderful and funny dogs.  We have had dogs ever since 1989, and usually two at a time. All of my dogs have brought something special to my life, and the two we have now are the most special to me.  My little mini-pin/chihuahua (I call her a ‘pinchi’) is utterly devoted to me and has helped me find hope in my darkest days.  She licked my tears and stayed by my side.  My other dog (actually my grandson’s dog, but we all live together) is a Shiba Inu/Chihuahua mix (a ‘Chi-nu’) is still a puppy and plays non stop, bringing much laughter into our house.

I am grateful to my husband and my son, for their support these past rough two years.  I look forward to seeing what we will accomplish this year.

Are you grateful today?

10 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I too am so grateful for the much appreciated and loving support of the many bloggers here at wordpress… when I too needed it so much… and for the daily interaction with so many… I too wish that I could meet them… I am happy and grateful that you my friend are feeling much better about so many things these days and wish you well in the days ahead… Diane

    1. Yes. I saw it, but haven’t been having any major issues. Unless I try to comment in the preview mode, then it’s a problem…won’t let me backspace, etc.

      I see what you mean though, about double postings. I wonder if anyone else is getting duplicate posts? I know there is one blog I subscribe to that’s totally screwed up. I can’t comment or even click Like.

      Just more WP glitches. I figure I’ll continue to muddle through and eventually things will get worked out. Still, it’s a pain.

    1. The feeling is mutual. (((hugs))) Sending thoughts of love and contentment to you, my dear friend. There are times I don’t recognize myself. I am still expecting to fall back into old habits and become depressed again. But that fear is retreating farther into my consciousness.

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