Pictures of Another Sort

In anticipation of Husband’s retirement, we are experimenting with different ways of augmenting our limited income.  Firstly, I hope my online jewelry store ( will provide some and secondly, I want to encourage Husband to sell his photos.  He has been taking pictures for 35 years and I think he’s very good at what he does.  We bought his first camera while living in Okinawa in 1980 and he has had one ever since.  He’s now on his fourth camera and is still learning all the ins and outs, and so far it looks like it takes amazingly clear.  He specializes in flowers, especially in micro close ups of flowers.  Here is some of his work.


These are not the micro close ups he usually does, but I happened to have these handy.  I’d be interested to know if he’s really as good as I think he is, or just a good amateur.


DSC08726 DSC08725

8 thoughts on “Pictures of Another Sort

      1. Is there a chance then maybe that he wouldn’t feel it was his ‘ project’ then but yours’… but for sure I would keep trying to encourage him… and hope he’ll start to believe it… Diane

      2. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Plus he wouldn’t do the work keeping his site updated. I don’t have the time to push another online store unless I give up blogging. And blogging is important to me at this point.

  1. They are lovely pictures and the best way to find out if they sell is to try! Could you also use them to make things like coasters? Hope it goes well – we are in similar position:)

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