MS Stuff

It’s been more than 6 months since I sprained my ankles.  Yes, ankleS, my right foot was a mild sprain, but the left I thought I’d broken it.  I don’t know, maybe I need to give up one of my exercises, adding the second Zumba is just too much.  I just want my ankles to last through the end of the next session.  No, that’s not true.  I hope they last a very long time!  That’s why I wonder if it’s worth the risk.  I’ll only take one Zumba class next session, and wear the braces and see how things are. DI buttons

I worry  I might have done permanent damage to the ligaments.  But I also think MS is making the healing process even longer.   Or aging.  Damn that aging thing.  Anyway, just when I need the exercise the most, and have found something I enjoy doing, karma puts a monkey wrench in it.

My thumbs are also really bad lately.  Just washing dishes is extremely difficult.  I’m going to have to cut back on that chore for right now.  I really need the family to step it up and pitch in.  Son is doing his share.  But I want Grandson to help as well.  He needs to learn to help out more.  I can’t do everything any more.  Vacuuming is also painful for me.

So I need to cut back on doing house cleaning.  Hey, a Bright Side of MS!

It’s always something isn’t it?  I have a new symptom: neck spasm.  Man it hurts.  And non stop.  Been two days like this, today being worse.   I wonder sometimes whether to go to my doc, or if I can just call her, and let her know when new things come up, or wait till I see her this summer?  It hurts worse when I move my head or talk.  So at least the family is happy.  lol  Another Bright Side of MS–at least for someone.  Ha!

zumbaWe all went out on the deck and did some transplanting of plants today.  It was nice to do it as a family on such a beautiful day.  I had to stop a couple of times and get off my feet for an hour or so, but I got several plants into new pots.  Even in pain, I can see the good stuff.  I don’t feel I deserve the pain, but I accept that it is there and there is nothing else to do but deal with it.  And I’m not too disappointed at relegating more of the household chores!  All in all Life is good.    Life can be good even if you have MS (or another chronic illness).  I’m starting to believe that.


(PS:  Another blogger  (  mentioned that she was getting my comments twice.  I have to hit ‘reply’ twice before it looks like it uploaded.  Hope this isn’t bugging anyone.  Who knows when WP’ll get to that.)

Just letting people know.)

17 thoughts on “MS Stuff

  1. In a post where the ravages of MS are abundantly and tragically clear, your last paragraph stands in stark relief with a message of hope — LIFE IS GOOD! Thank you dear Linda for reminding all of us.

    Respect and Admiration

    Ron — xoxox

  2. So sorry for your’ ‘flare-up.. but at least like you say..there are some fringe benefits if others are beginning to help a little more… I am so fortunate … my husband does so much around the house… even the cooking… well that part he actually likes to do… and who am I to take that away from him lol Not that I don’t do some but for the most part he does… I am royally spoiled…. To make me feel better … I say well I did most for the first 35 years…. he’s doing the last 35… Hope you feel better soon… I think you should go see your doctor.. Diane

    1. There are so many worse off than me. My pain is nothing compared to others. But sometimes I guess it gets overwhelming and there is no one around to talk to. I almost didn’t post this one. It seems a little whiny. Which was not my intent, I’m just documenting my life.

      1. If you’re whiny then I am super whiny…. you didn’t come off as whiny… I keep saying that to myself lately… because of ongoing issues STILL and my sleep… ‘there are so many people much worse off than me” but like you said sometimes it is overwhelming and you just want some respite.. Diane

  3. Disability-related symptoms are sometimes minimized by people who don’t experience physical disability or chronic illness. Be well and best of luck to you and your family. And awesome–if i can say so–that you’re doing zumba.

    1. People mean well when they say they understand, but it feels dismissive. But knowing this has made me far more conscious of others’ pain and I have become more patient and kind. (At least I’m trying to.)

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